Monday, December 28, 2015

History Quilter Podcast Episode 45 I'm A Teacher!

I've recorded a new episode of the History Quilter Podcast.  

I've been very busy the last four months TEACHING! 
I'm now an AP World History teacher and I love it.  
So if you want to hear more about it, go take a listen to my latest episode.  

Below are photos of my classroom, the Heath Ceramics Casserole Dish that broke during Thanksgiving dinner prep, and my latest quilt top finish.
My own classroom
My classroom has east facing windows.   Blinds don't work on three of the six windows. 
I made curtains!  Of course they are made with quilting fabric. 
I put a quilt block in both door windows because I can. :) 
Absolutely ecstatic the day I took my yearbook photo. Best yearbook photo I've ever taken.   
I've done a little decorating. 
A student gifted me a tree for the holidays. So sweet. :) 
Thanksgiving: The blue casserole dish I talked about regarding the break all the way around. Btw the turkey gravy in the foreground was the bomb.  

Just finished! Buona Fortuna quilt top. 43" x 53"
Buona Fortuna made with Va Bene and Kona fabrics.  

Until next time, Ciao!


  1. LOVE seeing your classroom! Your latest podcast is on my list to listen to!

  2. It's a pleasure to see someone so enjoy the work that they do! Most people don't. You look beautiful in your yearbook photo. Just wanted to comment while I have a chance....won't get to listen till next week!

  3. Your classroom looks great, and how nice of your student to give you a little tree. Thanks in advance for the fabric, YAY!!! I've been using some modern Moda scraps you gave me in the Beyond the Reef BOM we've been doing with the LBMQG. So sorry that you lost one of your mom's dishes. It's so hard to let go of something so sentimental.

    This was a great episode, and I look forward to the next one!

  4. It is so amazing that you have the same class all day! I have never heard that before. Even teachers I know who only teach history have to teach regular world history as well as AP World History. You are right that it is great for a new teacher to just have one prep. Good for students, too, as they have more people with whom to work. I am also amazed that the school has that many AP World classes. GREAT all around.

    Thank you for not giving your students homework over the break. They should really get a break.

    That is so weird that you cannot be signed in to both of your Twitter accounts at once. I am on my phone and I get notifications for both. I have to switch between accounts, but I don't have to login with the password each time. I have a Samsung phone, so that may be the difference. It doesn't work on my laptop. I have to sign in and out.

    I am #podcastdeliquent as well, but because I have been listening to a lot of audiobooks. I do miss hearing from you on social media and on your blog. Try to find that balance, so you can get more quiltmaking in.

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