Sunday, December 22, 2013

Adventures in Remodeling Update #3 It's About To Get Warmer

Since my last post SO much has happened around here.

I have begun substitute teaching which I absolutely love.  Here is me on my very first day with my older son as I subbed in his AP US Government class.  

And of course the house has been changing.  In my last blogpost I left off with this - demolition complete with new lumber in stacks ready for the walls to come up.  

In early November the first wall went up facing the street. I remember thinking, "It's so tall!"

The huge beam went in which delineates the kitchen area from the living area.  

Ceiling joists began to appear.  

I was given a sign for the Garage Kitchen.  My boy is so silly & awesome. 

Roof line began and I was finally able to visualize what I'd seen on paper.  Exciting day! 

Then the beginnings of my new front porch.  

Ugly original garage roof in process of demolition.

New garage roof to match.  It's chilly in the garage kitchen.   

View facing south:  Roofer has arrived!  

Then there were windows!  

This is where things stand now.  After weeks of inside rough work (electrical, plumbing, etc.) which makes it appear like things have slowed down, they are now ready to start wrapping the house.  
Wrapping = warmth.  

Inside facing east toward front of the house.  Drywall has been delivered!  

Facing north.  My new range will be set directly in the middle of the sheer wall. Window on the left is my kitchen window and the sink cabinet will be centered there.   
The doorway left of the kitchen window is the entry for my pantry.  
Has there been a shred of sewing or quilting going on during this time? No time or space.  That will be resolved soon enough in February/March when things should be done and we will be living in our new space. I commented to my contractor the other day that I still couldn't believe that this space would be mine someday and he was a bit offended as he thought I was complaining that they were taking too long. Quite the contrary I replied as I meant that it still seems surreal that this big beautiful space will someday soon be mine.
Wishing you all the Happiest of Holidays! 


  1. Happy holidays to you too Susan! The new house looks great so far, what fun to watch it being built.

  2. Really great progress! I wish you could sew a bit, though. ;-) You know that is practically all I care about.

  3. Thank you, Susan. You made my day and looking forward to the promised podcast too!

  4. Great progress, but I am sure at times it must feel slow. I am sure you are super excited and can't wait.

  5. How exciting! It's going to be wonderful, and I can't wait to see the finish. Bet you can't either! Merry Christmas to you & your family!

  6. That's really exciting, Susan!!! Hope you have a very merry Christmas!!!

  7. Looking good Susan. Merry Christmas!

  8. SO very very happy for you! This is going to be awesome!

  9. It is going to be so beautiful. And a pantry! Merry Christmas.

  10. It's coming along! I know it probably feels like the remodel is taking forever, but it will be well worth the wait. I can't wait to see the "next step" blog post!

  11. looking forward to hearing about the next phase....and looking forward to a podcast with all your news too (major hint)

  12. Making a lot of progress