Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Last day of a very good year

Highlights to 2010 for me:  (in no particular order)

  1. Graduated from college.
  2. Discovered and began quilting.
  3. Started this blog.
  4. My oldest child began High School
  5. Visited Yosemite National Park for the first time.
A vast majority of this year was taken up by #1 on my list, and although I'll be going right back to school in about four weeks starting the Credential program (to be a teacher) I feel such a sense of completion and success at finally accomplishing this goal. Those five items you see above represent bigger things; they all opened up my world in a way I never knew before. 

Tomorrow, I will post about what I hope 2011 has in store for me. 

Have a safe New Year's Eve! 

Thursday, December 30, 2010


My goodness, it has been fifteen days since I last posted.  That fact right there illustrates to me that consistency needs to be my word/goal for 2011 with this blog.  After listening to the latest Quilting... for the Rest of Us podcast, I have been mulling over goals/resolutions for 2011 in my head for the last few days and consistency keeps popping up in my head.  Jennifer at That girl... That quilt has also inspired me with her post regarding blogging.  

The bottom line is that I want this blog to work/flourish/grow in 2011 and just like with anything, I need to feed it in order to make that happen.  

So I began this beautiful clear morning here in Southern California by a little redesign to the blog.  I like simple and hope that you do to.  If you like what you see, let me know.  If you think I could improve on anything then please comment on that too.

Now on to the fun portion of the blog for today.  Photos!  Here is a recap of the items I made for family members for Christmas 2010.  

Back of SeaGlass
So this was the MIL quilt that I officially named SeaGlass as I was working on the quilting.  As usual the photos do not do it justice as it really turned out well, although you can see in the puckering on the back that I need to work on my basting skills!  Spray basting is in my future - along with a big piece of plywood/saw horses in the garage to make it happen.  

Now we have a few photos of the things I made for my nieces for Christmas.  

Poochie Bag from Happy Zombie

Another Poochie Bag from Happy Zombie

Voile Scarves made with AMH fabric
The Poochie Bags (pattern by Happy Zombie) were filled with books and made for my younger nieces who truly seemed to enjoy the gift.  The scarves were made for the older nieces who opened their gifts, smiled and moved on.  Big letdown for me but hey, I can't just expect them to pull out trumpets and begin telling the world how much they love their gift, can I?  Another day, another post for that subject.  

I'm off to a day of crafting, cleaning up after my husband who is finishing up the year long painting project in my tiny 1950's kitchen and a trip to Joann's for their end of the year sale - there are a lot of Quilting items on sale!  

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Work-In-Progress Wednesday+one more day being an undergrad

If you were looking for me this past week, here is where I was:

No cooking, no sewing, no gardening...just research and writing.  I'm almost tapped out...but I am getting super excited about finishing to the point where I am thinking of it all the time now.  After I drop the younger boy off to school today I'll be back at the computer for about six hours finishing up my paper.  It's due tomorrow night and I plan on taking my boys with me to drop it off and then take the three of us out to dinner to celebrate.  The lucky husband is taking a well deserved day trip down to San Diego to watch the Charger-49er game.  

I have been sewing a little bit to relive the stress.  Did get my MIL quilt all pieced and actually cut out the backing and binding strips last night.  
MIL Quilt - not yet named

Because I have no time to take all of these down and take individual shots, I thought I would give you a peek into my closet and what I see every morning.
WIP hanging in the closet
Yea, hanging in the closet.  Where else are they going to go?  :)

Friday will see me attacking my WIP/Christmas list:
MIL Quilt - baste, quilt and bind
That Girl Quilt Along - baste, quilt and bind
Voile Scarf for niece
Two book bags for other nieces - Heather Baily Smart Girl Bag Pattern - so cute!
Possibly some pillowcases
Purse for me out of AMH Innocent Crush Fabric
Month 4, 5 & 6 12 Days of Christmas FQS BOM (I'm a little behind)

Don't forget to check out Lee at Freshly Pieced to see what other very talented people are up to.  I love checking them out and adding new blogs to my Google reader when someone new appears on the list.  

Off to my second to the last day of being an undergrad.  YIPPEE!   (ok, I'm nuts)  

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Work-In-Progress Wednesday & Don't you forget about me.....

Kind of a catchy tune from a seminal movie from my teenage years.  I was more of a Sixteen Candles/Jake Ryan fan than The Breakfast Club but I was humming this tune to myself last night while washing dishes and thinking about you all..

I'm still here!  

I'm crazy busy with my research paper but I have had a few moments to come up to breathe and craft.  Love those moments.  So here is my current WIP.  This is the MIL Christmas Gift Quilt Version II.   Please go check out Lee at Freshly Pieced to check out more WIP Wednesday's.

Blocks laid out but not sewn together

Took these photos last night in the awful lighting...I'll have this pieced together by the weekend and get a photo outside.  The fabrics are beautiful but I still don't know if they go together.  Remember I'm color challenged!  

Time to get back to research and writing.  Eight more days until I can craft all day!