Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The History Quilter Podcast Episode 41: The Hiatus Is Over!

Hello History Quilter listeners...
The Hiatus is over!  I'm thrilled to share with you that I've just recorded and published a new podcast episode.  It might take a day or so for iTunes to grab it from Podbean but it will be there shortly.
The episode is mostly about the remodel of my home for the past seven months with a little bit of quilting mixed in.  My next episode will get back to quilting, food...all the normal stuff.

Here is the address of the website you must check out if you are considering remodeling, relandscaping, redecorating, etc.  An excellent resource for brainstorming and research, check it out: 

A few new pictures...
Baking bread in the new wall oven

Right now: getting ready for the concrete man to visit 
"Buttery Goodness" I'll expand on these in my next blogpost.  
Hope you enjoy the new podcast!


  1. Welcome back! It was so nice to catch up with you. It was a busy few months for you. :) The kitchen is beautiful. You did an excellent job with the design choices.
    FYI, there is a shop hop in June, the Southern California Quilters' Run.
    There may be another one sooner, but this is the one I have info on from my LQS. Have fun in your new space!

    1. Glad you're back. Every day I check for your Podcasts. Welcome home!

  2. I just listened today. I'm glad you're back, and I enjoyed your discussion about your renos. We just finished some renos on our house - nowhere near as extensive as yours, but I do know a bit about what you were going through! We re-carpeted, replaced some plumbing, gutted and re-did the master bath, replaced several lights and got a new fireplace (gas). We also did a lot of painting, and replaced all the baseboards. It took 4 months, and that was enough for me - although my hubby is talking about what he wants to do next winter. Yikes!

    I'm glad you're enjoying your substitute teaching. My daughter is a fairly new teacher, so I like hearing your adventures, and comparing them to hers. She is currently covering a maternity leave position, so she's hoping for a permanent position next fall. (In Canada, you get one year mat leave).

  3. Welcome back! It's great to see you enjoying your new kitchen! Hoping to catch up with the podcast soon!

  4. Yay!! You're back! It was such a delight to see that you had a new podcast out. I enjoyed hearing your adventures in renovations. We built our house 16 years ago, and I clearly remember the "10 decisions every day". We didn't plan ours in advance like you did, so it was a lot of quick decisions. I'm glad everything went so well. Kind of like childbirth - really hard when you go through it, but so glad you did! It must be absolutely fabulous having your kitchen back again. It is a really important part of who you are. Now - time to get back to the fabric as well.

    I'm also glad to hear you're enjoying your teaching. I really hope the fall brings you your own classroom. Here in my part of BC (near Vancouver), people often remain on the sub list for several years before getting their own classroom. Keep letting us know how its going.

    Heather in BC

  5. Just finished listening to your podcast. READ MY BLOG!!! I am so glad you are back and recording. When will I see you?

  6. You made me almost cry when you were talking about the January experience in teaching. It was so nice to hear your voice again and hear all the details about the remodeling. I will have to listen again :) I made 240 inches of binding while listening.
    I really wish you best of luck to find a job and to have your own class in September!
    Have you seen the First Best Marigold Hotel? Is India really like how it's pictured in the movie? Or rather like Slumdog Millionaire? Looking forward to your next podcast! :)

  7. Hi Susan, Yay! I'm so excited you're back! Your house looks gorgeous, I love the front door, it's beautiful. The dining room has SO much light!
    On the subject of history, I've been reading a few really good historical quilting books and thought of you.. My favorite is "A People and Their Quilts" it's a collection of stories and interviews with old time quilters from the Appalachians. It's fascinating to see and read about these gorgeous quilts that were made solely from real scraps of clothing, and then used as an essential source of warmth. Anyhow, welcome back! - Bethany