Wednesday, October 15, 2014

History Quilter Podcast Episode 42 Quilt Kits of the 1920's, 30's and 40's

A new History Quilter Podcast Episode is now available on iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher Radio.  

Here is the quilt I made for my son who is now a Freshman at UCSD.  
The Triton Quilt - 95" x 65"

Links talked about in the episode: 

Modern Marvels: Quilts Made From Kits, 1915-1950 now showing at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  

International Quilt Study Center & Museum at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Palette Builder 2.1 from Play Crafts.  This website is genius!  Upload your photo and within seconds Kona Color fabric colors are listed that match the colors in your photo.  Again, absolute genius! 

Pat Sloan's Machine Binding Tutorial from Pat Sloan.  This method creates a very attractive and strong blanket stitch to attach the second side of your binding.  Can't say enough about her tutorial - very helpful and easy to follow.  

Impossible to see with this photo - I'll get a better one when the Triton Quilt comes back at Thanksgiving. 

Go have a great day.  I know I will as I get to go teach!


  1. Oh, I'm so happy now! A new one to listen to while I bind or cut or construct!!!!!

  2. Susan, nice to have you back and thank you for all this great information. I especially enjoyed looking at the kit quilts.

  3. Susan! It is so good to hear your voice again.

  4. It is especially good to hear how happy you are to be a teacher. I listened throughout the process and it is heartwarming to hear that it has turned out so well for you.
    Also, I am totally impressed with your triton quilt. Your kids are so fortunate

  5. P.S. I am Tami in Denver on Twitter.

  6. About five years ago, I found a woman in Missouri that sells diecut quilt kits. I bought one and made a queen size drunkards path. I had exactly enough pieces.

  7. Anxious to listen to your latest podcast this weekend!

  8. Welcome back! I thought you were done podcasting, and I was so sad! Very glad to hear your updates and your lesson. I hope you are able to get back in the podcasting groove because I really missed hearing your voice.

    My thoughts on kits like the ones you discussed is that it sounds great if you fall in love with the finished quilt, but what if you make a mistake? I'd want a couple of extra of every piece, just in case! Can you tell that I "occasionally" make mistakes when quilting :-) I supposed that if it was hand piecing, it might be easier to unsew and fix mistakes.

    Thanks for the podcast!

  9. Hi Susan, just listened to your podcast about this quilt and so I was really impressed when I saw it. Very modern design for your college going son, love it.

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