Saturday, June 20, 2015

History Quilter Podcast Episode #44 Catching Up

Happy Saturday to you all!

Yesterday I recorded and uploaded History Quilter Episode #44 Catching Up where I primarily spoke about my long term substitute assignment (don't worry it's not too long), Podcast recommendations, being a member of the Long Beach Modern Quilt Guild, a couple of great recipes and sewing projects I've completed.  

You can find my latest episode on Podbean, iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

I spoke about my long term substitute assignment - here is the blog post I wrote just after I finished the assignment.

Go check out the beginning stages of the Long Beach Modern Quilt Guild website.  We need the website hits!

Podcast Recommendations: 
Burnt Toast by Food 52.  This is a fun little podcast about random things that they don't write about on their blog/website.
Criminal. Intriguing podcast about crime.  "People that have done wrong, been wronged or gotten caught somewhere in the middle".
I recommended two episodes: #15 He's Neutral   and   #19 Mother's Little Helper

TED Radio Hour. These are TED Talks that host Guy Roz connects together for a weekly theme and interviews some of the TED talk hosts.
I recommend The Fountain of Youth from May 22, 2015.  

Frontline  PBS documentary show.  The episode Being Mortal from February 10, 2015 is extremely thought provoking.  I listened to the audio podcast first and then watched the documentary.  

Start Up from Gimlet Media.  I recommend Season Two which focuses on Dating Ring.

Two great recipes: 
Grilled Chicken Souvlaki from America's Test Kitchen.  This is from Dinner in the Mediterranean from Season 15.
Grilled Chicken Souvlaki
Perfect Fish Tacos from Bon Appetit.  Make these!  
Perfect Fish Tacos
Lastly, what I've been working on: 
A little basket I made with the Basket of Charms pattern from Sweet Jane's Quilting & Design.  
Basket of Charms - Fresh Air by American Jane Patterns
Baby Quilt made for Kinley Mae...this was so fun! Fabrics from Joann's.  Quilt pattern is Little Man by Camille Roskelley.  


Phew...I need to record more often as this blog post took me forever!  :)
Enjoy your Saturday,


  1. Love your little basket and baby blanket.

  2. Can't wait to listen! Thanks for the podcast and recipe suggestions!

  3. So great to hear your voice again! I would love to see the pic of the wine bottle with the quilt block.
    Very cute baby quilt!

  4. Glad you are back. Can't wait to listen.

  5. I enjoyed your podcast so much, I listened to it twice!!

  6. Have you read the book "Being Mortal"? I was so impressed that I practically ordered my husband to read it and have been recommending it to everyone. I have the Frontline episode on the DVR but haven't watched it yet (baseball almost everyday!) nor have I listened to his Commonwealth Club talk yet. Thanks for the tip about Burnt Toast. I follow Food52 on Twitter but didn't know about the podcast.
    Sarah in California

  7. ok, you got me going. I've listened to every episode of Criminal since this post!

  8. Your little basket is adorable. I have to make a couple like that so I will go and look at the pattern. Work on the Russian Rubix! ;-)

  9. Hope you are working on a new podcast while you are off because I know you won't record once you start your new job!

    I'll be going to QuiltCon with a friend! Perhaps I will see you?

    I am so glad that you are working on the Russian Rubix. I can't wait to see it finished.