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Monday, November 7, 2011

Blogging Directly From Our Thoughts

Wouldn't it be great if we could take our thoughts and have them nicely laid out here in Blogger/WordPress/etc automatically? I think it would be so cool if there was a way we could dictate our thoughts and creative ideas directly to our computers so that the time it takes to find a pen or have a moment to sit down and type out that thought, is not lost.  I write awesome blog posts in my head while washing dishes or driving kids around but sometimes when I sit down here to start typing, nothing flows.  I guess my brain is more creative when I am working on something else at the same time. Any of you have this same issue?

Enough Sci Fi.  Earlier this morning I remembered that I had the fabric cut for Block Eight of the of the FQS Designer Mystery Block of the Month 2010 so I sewed it up while enjoying the sun streaming in my front windows across my sewing table.  I'm not a huge fan of the time change in the Spring but I love it in the Fall.
Block Eight

Four more to go
I  had a lovely surprise in my backyard yesterday when walking around and assessing my citrus trees ~ my Mexican lime tree has actually given me some limes!  I first planted this tree in the whiskey barrel you see in the photo below where it barely limped along for two years.  After two years I decided to put it in the ground in my north facing portion of my yard which is not ideal as it doesn't receive enough sun but at the time that was the best choice.
Mexican Lime Tree
This darn tree has grown and flowered but has never given up one lime until now.  So happy to add the lime to my citrus hunt yesterday.
Eureka Lemon, Mandarin Tangerine and Mexican Lime
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Off to do homework...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rug Mug

So I have seen on a few blogs especially here,  these adorable mini quilts used as rugs for mugs.  Such a funny little idea but it has stuck with me for a week or so since I first discovered them.  What a great way to teach myself to be creative and to hone my skills as a quilter.  Didn't get all crazy and actually try some free motion quilting or anything - that is for another day where I have much more time.  For a gal with very limited time, straight line quilting is the way to go.

Perhaps I shall take the plunge soon.  But for now here is my debut Mug Rug - the Christmas edition.  Fabric from the 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain.  I belong to the Christmas Block of the Month Club at the FQS and one huge benefit from receiving my block kit every month is that there is a lot of extra fabric.  I have even seen where people make two blocks out of the fabric they receive.  What a deal.

So thank you Jennifer from That Girl...That Quilt for a great inspiration!