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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall colors and quilting battle wounds

Here is Southern California we enjoy a very temperate climate.  Yea we have deciduous trees that dump their leaves,  snow capped mountains that we can sometimes see in the winter and it gets a little chilly at night but for the most part we do not see the wonderful fall colors that some parts of our country enjoy.   While in Minnesota last month celebrating the life of one of my Aunt's who passed away, I was able to observe the wonderful fall colors.  The trees were stunning.  Oranges, Reds, Yellow and Browns.  

It is expected to be 96 here today and it just gives more proof that here in our area of California and the United States, we have wacky weather.  Come on, it's November!  

On a separate note,  I suffered my first quilting mishap on Saturday morning which kept me off the soccer field on Sunday.  I was cutting fabric for the That Quilt...Quilt Along and everything was going fine until I accidentally dropped the rotary cutter off the table.  I felt it hit my foot but didn't feel anything, so I picked it up off the floor and kept going.  Maybe 30 seconds later I was standing upright and noticed the blood on my sock.  Yes, I was cutting fabric without shoes on.  Will I do that again?  NO.  Stupid.  

Cut fabric with offending rotary cutter
Stay cool people!