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Monday, December 28, 2015

History Quilter Podcast Episode 45 I'm A Teacher!

I've recorded a new episode of the History Quilter Podcast.  

I've been very busy the last four months TEACHING! 
I'm now an AP World History teacher and I love it.  
So if you want to hear more about it, go take a listen to my latest episode.  

Below are photos of my classroom, the Heath Ceramics Casserole Dish that broke during Thanksgiving dinner prep, and my latest quilt top finish.
My own classroom
My classroom has east facing windows.   Blinds don't work on three of the six windows. 
I made curtains!  Of course they are made with quilting fabric. 
I put a quilt block in both door windows because I can. :) 
Absolutely ecstatic the day I took my yearbook photo. Best yearbook photo I've ever taken.   
I've done a little decorating. 
A student gifted me a tree for the holidays. So sweet. :) 
Thanksgiving: The blue casserole dish I talked about regarding the break all the way around. Btw the turkey gravy in the foreground was the bomb.  

Just finished! Buona Fortuna quilt top. 43" x 53"
Buona Fortuna made with Va Bene and Kona fabrics.  

Until next time, Ciao!