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Friday, September 30, 2011

Tree Pants and Cream of Mushroom Soup

Toni had a great post this morning with various items which included a mention of the Sew Mama Sew {No Excuses} Holiday Sew-Along. There are three sew alongs one of which (Happy Zombie's Tree Pants) I decided to jump in on.  I have a nice selection of  Holiday Happy fabric which along with some coordinating solids will make my next Christmas Tree very happy.  Thanks Toni!

The younger son came home yesterday with a letter from the principal asking parents to volunteer to move their child to another school.   Our school district, along with most across California and I will assume other states too, is strapped for cash.  So before school began earlier this month the school district basically told principals to over-enroll just in case students didn't show up the first day of school - they wanted as many students as possible to receive more money from the state.  This became a problem for schools once school began and all of the students showed up and now classes have 40, 42 and even 45 in a classroom with no chance for principals to hire more teachers.  Facebook was lit up last night with a whole slew of my friends weighing in on this.  Thankfully my youngest son is an 8th grader and the school he attends is our home school so there is no worry on him getting switched to another school, but I feel for the students whose parents wanted them to attend a better middle school outside of their area as they will probably get switched.  It's so sad.  

Last night I made a dish for dinner that my mother made when I was growing up - one of my favorites.  I hardly cook with her recipes as they usually cause me to miss her but last night was different.  As I looked through her recipe box and combed through the 3 x 5 cards with her handwriting on all of them - some even typed, the thought that I needed to cook my way through her recipes became paramount.  After I got dinner in the oven I brought the recipe card with me to the computer and Googled the name....Chicken-Party Chipped Beef, thinking I would come up with nothing.  Oh was I surprised as everybody and their mother has a recipe for this which made me laugh and understand how widespread recipes which contain Cream of Mushroom soup really are.  And all along I thought this was some amazing family recipe....too bad I never noticed where it came from....Sunset Magazine!

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend,