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Monday, May 21, 2012

Giveaway Day: Quilting Podcast Love

Happy Monday everyone ~ It's Giveaway Day! Sew Mama Sew's biannual event is finally here!
For those of you whom are new here, I record and publish a quilting podcast of my own called The History Quilter Podcast. I began recording my own podcast as a way to give back to all of the other quilting podcasts out there which allow me to be entertained and educated while washing dishes, exercising,  gardening, etc.  Because I get so much out of the quilting podcasts I listen to, I wanted to share them all with you:  here is a list of my fellow quilting podcasters and locations in which you can find them via iTunes or Podbean. After you have entered all of the giveaway's you possibly can, come back here and please check out my fellow quilting podcasters - I promise you will be entertained and educated.

Quilting Podcast list - in no particular order.  Click on their name to visit their website.

     The History Quilter Podcast ~ yea that's me.
     Lazy Daisy Quilts- Daisy
     The Off-Kilter Quilt -  Frances
     Quilting For The Rest of Us -  Sandy
     Hip To Be A Square - Pam
     Crafty Garden Mom - Tanesha
     Scientific Quilter - Darla
     Peacebrook Quilting - Victoria
     Quilt Cabana Corner - Sandi
     Katie's Quilting Corner - Katie
     Nonnie's Quilting Dreams - Nonnie
     The Pioneer Quilter - Kelley
     Quilted Cupcake - Jean
     Quilter in the Gap - Rhonda
     Jackie's Quilting Chronicles - Jackie
     The Quilting Pot Podcast - A.J. 

In honor of Giveaway Day, I'm giving away the complete quilt kit you see below which includes the Walkin' the Line pattern, 8 fat quarters, borders, binding and backing.  The quilt will measure up as 51" x 71".
My giveaway is open until Friday, May 25th at 5:00pm Pacific Time and I will announce the winner on Saturday.  I am happy to ship internationally so all may enter.

To enter my giveaway tell me if you listen to any podcasts, quilting, travel, food, anything - it doesn't matter...but also tell me why you like to listen to it.  The historian in me needs a little analysis, not just the data.  :)

Enjoy your Monday ~ yea it's Monday!