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Friday, April 4, 2014

Adventures in Remodeling Part IV: The New Kitchen

At approximately six months to the day from breaking ground, I am back into my (new!) house and loving it.
This means many things:
1. My computer is now my own again.
2. I am cooking inside a warm, light-filled open space.
3. The History Quilter hiatus is over...back to my normal life!

My own creativity spans baking/sewing, sewing/quilting and reading/researching but for the last six months those have all been cramped due to the constraints of space.  Now I can access my computer whenever I want, bake/cook what ever my heart desires(within reason), and I can finally get back to sewing/quilting.

Creative me is so glad to be back in business! 

I'll explain a lot more on the podcast - now let's get to the photos!  I know you've seen some of these already but I thought a full "before to after" would be enjoyable.
My former kitchen - perfectly good little kitchen.  Served me well for 17 1/2 years.  

And a few weeks into the the remodel, the demo begins. 

And within a week the old kitchen is down to the studs.  
  About a month in the old walls are coming down.  

The kitchen was on the right side of this photo.  The pipes you see in are for my old kitchen sink and the bathroom plumbing just on the other side.  
Now the new walls go up.  The window to the left is my new kitchen window.   The new kitchen is on the north side of my house, same as it was before.  
Sheer walls and electrical going in and a roof on.  

And now windows!  

Drywall - goes up so fast and suddenly there is a room!  

Before the drywall was finished in the pantry, I placed a "time capsule" for whomever may open up these walls someday.  
Kitchen cabinets arrive 
Kitchen cabinets and island are placed into position.  This is where it started to feel like I may truly have a new kitchen.  During 95% of this process all I seemed to be doing is researching and buying things for my new space but I wasn't spending any time in it.  It always felt like the construction worker's space.  
Range Hood and more cabinetry.  Door is to the walk-in pantry.  
New counter tops ~ White Springs granite.
Island is 4' x 7' 

New back splash in place. 
Hardwood flooring and back splash grout in production. 

Blurry picture of me at my new range ~ I love her! 

My new kitchen ~ earlier this week/fourth day cooking in the new kitchen.

There is a still a lot left to do; boxes to open and kitchen contents put away (feels like Christmas), electrical outlets in the back splash need covers to match and decorating the floating shelves, etc., but that is all a work in progress.  I'm in my new space, it is warm and I am no longer cooking all alone - all things to be very thankful for.
One major bonus with the island that I didn't realize until about a month ago - the island is an instant cutting table!

Next blogpost I'll have more pictures of the rest of the new space.
Come over and visit!