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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Setting Sail

No, not me.  I'm not setting sail anywhere, anytime soon unless it's on a nice calm lake. I'll fly, take a train, drive, ride a horse, run, walk or cruise on a water taxi, but a boat on the open ocean?   No way .  Sadly, my stomach and the open ocean do not get along.  

Last weekend I worked on the May block (Set Sail)  for the Modern Blocks Bee I am in. Lizz sent us a pale green and blue for the sky and a blue/green/yellow splatter for the ocean. 
Sorry so blurry
She asked us to pull fabrics from our stash for the sail, masts and boat.  Made me laugh as my stash is minuscule - not much to choose from.
Ideas were flowing...would this work?  
All cut out and time to sew
Very happy with the results.  I went with white masts which are hard to see. In hindsight I should have looked for something darker but hey, it's a learning experience.  
Set Sail Block by Susanne Woods  12 1/2" x 12 1/2"
A little digression - here are my boys having fun at the back of a water taxi in Venice, Italy.

I have no problems with a water taxi, especially in a setting such as this:
Venice, Italy  June 2006
Una splendida goirnata!