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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

T@t{picnic}Table: Too Much Zucchini

My guess is that if you are growing vegetables in your summer garden, you may be growing zucchini.  If you are, you must have enough to stash everywhere in your house, give to the neighbors and still have some leftover that you have no idea what to do with. I've enjoyed a great deal of ratatouille, steamed zucchini and zucchini thrown in many different dishes that I wouldn't normally think of adding it too this summer but never seem to be able to use all that I grow.  

Last Saturday while on the elliptical machine at the gym I was reading the latest issue of Sunset magazine and    I happened upon an article about what to do with excess vegetables.  Zucchini relish popped out at me immediately as I had two huge ones on my counter and I knew that I had the remainder of the ingredients on hand in my kitchen. Don't you just love that when that happens?  
Zucchini Relish
You can find the recipe here at the MyRecipe link from Sunset Magazine's August 2012 issue.  Although I had no idea what it would taste like once finished, I really enjoyed it.  It has none of the cloying sweetness of traditional relish but all of the sun and freshness of summer.  A warning - this is not a canned recipe - I used 1/2 pint jars so I could pass a few out to neighbors.  Hey, at least they didn't cringe when I showed up at the door with a whole zucchini.  

Last night for dinner we enjoyed a picnic out on the patio with BBQ'd hamburgers/ahi tuna, baked french fries, zucchini relish and strawberries.  Perfect picnic summer fare.  

I'm linking up with Debbie at her Tuesday at the {picnic}Table feature today - please go visit what other's have shared for the picnic table for the month of July.  I believe she's going herbal next month!  
One last share - I finished basting the T-Shirt quilt.  Very happy to have this basted together.  See the fold on the left?  A reminder to me not to make quilts wider than my hallway as this is the widest surface in my house which I can baste on.  
Basting the T-Shirt Quilt
Enjoy your Tuesday!