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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Highs and Lows: finding the balance

Highs and lows
Penthouses and basements
Winning and losing
Hills and valleys

Who does not prefer the highs in life?

Don't we all want to be in the penthouse (or the 8th floor) instead of the basement?
Hotel Solamar - San Diego, CA

Don't we all want to win?    If you missed the USA v. Brazil in the Women's World Cup game today make sure you check out the highlights as the game was an excellent example of great women's soccer.
USA Women's Soccer Team celebrates after victory over Brazil
What army of ages past and present would not prefer to be on top of a hill where they can defend themselves?  The American Continental Army in June of 1775 decided to thwart the plans of the British by working all night in the dark and in silence to fortify Breed's Hill (original plan was to fortify Bunker Hill, but the fighting occurred at Breed's Hill) in an effort to stop the British from moving through Boston to Charleston.
American fortifications on Breed's Hill in Boston, MA
We need the highs in life to balance out the lows that come with being human.  We all have stressors: family that drives us crazy, children that don't understand that what we have already experienced in life is legitimate, struggling to keep a job, challenging work relationships and the effort to make ends meet, just to name a few brings us lows - the basement, the loss and the valley.

Enjoy those highs, cherish them and keep them close in your memory to balance out the lows.
We deserve it. 


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