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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

T@tT Asparagus Saved Me From Leftovers

I bought a boatload of Asparagus on Thanksgiving morning with the intention of roasting it and serving it to my guests that afternoon...but I didn't.  I completely forgot all about the Asparagus resting quietly in the vegetable drawer out of sight as I my refrigerator was already jam packed with preparations for all of my other dishes.  

By Saturday I knew I had to do something with it but with only two in the house who will touch anything green, I knew soup would be my best bet.  I pulled out The Silver Spoon cookbook and made Cream of Asparagus  Soup.  It tasted especially good as by Saturday I was already (way) over eating Thanksgiving leftovers and wanted something different.
Leeks and onions simmering in butter

Added in Asparagus Stems

Asparagus tips ready for parboil

Leeks, onions and asparagus pureed

Added in some cream with some S&P

Parboiled Asparagus tips go in...should have been shorter. 

With some toasted wheat bread, lunch was served.  
Did you save yourself from Thanksgiving leftovers this past weekend with something else in your kitchen?  Did you create something new with your Thanksgiving leftovers?  Tell me...and after you do, please go visit Debbie at her Tuesday at the Table feature as she shares a great stuffing idea her mother had...go read it!

I'm linking up here with Debbie for November's Tuesday at the Table:

Enjoy your Tuesday!