Tuesday, October 9, 2012

T@tT: Speech Class Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

The other day I was looking though old history notebooks for specific notes from a class to help study for a class I am taking now, and was delighted upon finding a graded rubric for a speech I made during a Speech Communication class in 2005.  An "A" and my instructor's great comments inspired this blogpost.

I took Speech Communications my first year of college and honestly.. I failed miserably.  I learned how to write speeches, watched the teacher and enjoyed my fellow students give their speeches but on my day to give a speech - I wouldn't show up to class.  Eighteen year old me was too scared to get up in front of class and talk.

Fast forward 15 years or so and it was time to re-take Speech Communications. Supported by a great teacher and a lot more confidence I aced the class this time.  One of the speeches we were to give was a demonstration speech where we talked about something that we were physically doing in class.

I always add 1 1/2 bags of chocolate chips - yum. 

I choose to make Chocolate Chip Cookie dough. The speech went great and at the end of the speech I gave away spoonfuls of cookie dough and cookies that I had made at home. Always good to please the crowd.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm linking up with Debbie at her Tuesday at the Table feature (for what seems like the first time in ages!) so please go visit what she and others have on their Table this week.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday,


  1. You were 18 in 2005? WOW! You have done a lot in the last 7 years. I am not even asking you about the ages of your boys and being 18 in 2005. I don't want to know. ;-)

  2. I remember dreading speech class as a freshman, too! For my demonstration speech I made a corsage since I was working for a florist at the time. I'm sure they would have enjoyed cookie dough a lot more! Hope you are doing well!

  3. oh I wish I had one or two of those RIGHT NOW! Yay for the progress!

  4. I had speech in High school and dreaded every second at the podium. I too, did a cookie dough demo for one of my speeches. It was very well received by the class (treats usually are). But I only got a B because I had to keep looking at my notes and spoke too quickly and quietly. :)
    I think I might need to make some cookies tonight. YUM!