Sunday, November 18, 2012

History Quilter Podcast Episode 33 100 Wishes Quilts

Happy Sunday to you all,

I'll be headed out to my local farmer's market shortly to stock up on vegetables and fruits for my Thanksgiving "meals" but before that I wanted to share that I recorded History Quilter Podcast Episode 33 where I talk about 100 Wishes Quilts, and it is now available on Podbean, Stitcher Radio and hopefully up on iTunes by this afternoon.  

I was unaware of what a 100 Wishes Quilt was until Darla from the Scientific Quilter Podcast and blog tweeted me about it a couple of months back.  (Thank you Darla!)   According to Dr. Dolly of the Travelling With Baby blog, 100 Wishes Quilts are a northern Chinese tradition given to new babies when they are born.  She says, "friends and family shower the beautiful new life with pieces of cloth and their hopes, wishes, and prayers for blessings of prosperity, longevity, and happiness".   How wonderful is that?

Here in the United States this tradition is crossing cultures and technology by being picked up in the International Adoption community and online.  Adoptive families here in the United States have been collecting fabric and wishes from friends and relatives for quilts to make for their newly adopted children for many years.  I found the earliest reference to 100 Wishes Quilts online as of 2005.  Dr. Dolly, whom I mentioned above, is currently asking for "good wishes" from anybody in the blogging community. If you are intrigued, as I am, please visit Dr. Dolly at Traveling With Baby to see how far she has come with receiving fabric and wishes for her newest addition to her family.

Darla was asked to participate in a 100 Wishes Quilt by sending a piece of fabric along with a wish/blessing for the new baby.  I mistakenly said on the podcast that the 100 Wishes Quilt Darla had participated in, did not have a completed quilt posted online.  I was viewing a different website at that time and have no idea if Darla ever saw the quilt she participated in.  Darla?

There are many 100 Wishes Quilts images online to view, here is one that I especially enjoyed because I read through the entire history of the adoption process of this family.  What a wonderful gift baby Addison will read and understand someday about how her parents wanted her, went to get her and brought her home.  Read the journey to Addison's just lovely.
the journey to Addison 100 Wishes Quilt

Newly planted Cauliflower (Cheddar variety) and Cabbage.  Yea, I'm going to be picking up leaves every day for the next month or so.

I talked about what I will be serving for my two different Thanksgiving meals.  No links today - I'll have posts about what I make and serve later in the week.

Ocean Waves quilt top made it to yoga class with me yesterday.
Ocean Waves quilt top in shavasana

Bag of goodies I received from Kate Spain after being chosen as a November Newsletter reader of the month.  What a treat!  Go here to sign up for her newsletter.

Kate Spain's Cuzco: jelly roll strips and scraps
It's 8am and time for me to head for the farmer's market.  Hope you all have an enjoyable day,


  1. YAY! So glad to see post AND a podcast to enjoy. :)
    I'll be back!

  2. Very fun you won Kate's scraps! And wish I'd read blogs earlier today - I could have listened to the podcast tonight. Will try & do that soon. Your finished quilt top looks great btw!

  3. Thank you for sharing big parts of you with us. I was truly touched.

    All the best

  4. Great podcast! I enjoyed hearing about the quilts. I'm glad you shared how you are doing. It's hard to be vulnerable like that, but I know there are lots of us that have been, are, or will be in a similar place. Sharing helps. We love you!
    I hope your new garden does well and does not feed too many critters before it feeds you. :)

  5. Glad to hear your voice again and thank you for trusting us with your struggles. Be kind to yourself and allow for this time and the days ahead.

    Love 100 wishes quilt. What a treasure for all involved.

  6. This episode snuck on me. One day it simply appeared on my iPod and it was very old. I don't know how I missed it. So sorry to come late to the party. I think we all deal with grief differently and that the 'standard' (not clinical, but from people) is that it takes about a year for the random melancholia to lessen. I am thinking about you.

    I was interested in the 100 wishes quilt. I have never heard of that (see? you are teaching already!). I used to do an activity at baby showers where everyone decorated a quilt square, then I would put it together and give it to the mom. You can see the last one I did at: People would draw pictures, but others would write things on the squares.