Friday, November 9, 2012

Ocean Waves: Quilt Top In Progress

Hello everyone, 
My days have been very full lately with a great deal of school responsibilities and some life challenges.  The crafty part of me has been rather silent lately but recently I had a few chances to get out the sewing machine and flex my crafty side.  

I've been working on the Varsity Quilt by Julie Herman from Jaybird Quilts for my younger son.  I've got all of the rows sewn up and hope to sew them together and square off the edges sometime this weekend.  I've got a few projects I would like to begin soon so finishing up this one for my son is the priority.  

I'm now calling it "Ocean Waves" as my son loves the ocean.  I plan to incorporate some sand on the back in some form or another.  I attempted a photograph in my hallway, but my hallway wasn't wide enough.  I attempted a photograph outside but it's so windy out right now, none of the rows would stay down.  So back into my living room - not great for color but it's the best I can do.  The background color is Kona Cotton Steel, which is grey...I know it looks a bit pinkish here but I promise you it is not.  
Ocean Waves  - XL Twin Size

I saw a wonderful quote today that went something like this: "When I walk into my kitchen, I am not alone - I bring my mother and my father and every table I've ever sat at to enjoy a meal."  Brought a couple of tears to the eyes in a heartwarming way - today would have been my mother's 81st birthday.  Miss her.  

In honor of my mother here is the painting my father had done of her way back in 1953 when he was stationed on the USS Columbus in the Mediterranean Sea for six months.  At one point during his tour of duty, the ship docked in Istanbul, Turkey and he took the photograph of my mother to a painter.  Two days later my father picked up this painting of my mother and it hung in my family home until earlier this year.  Now it is mine and I love it.   

Have a safe and fun weekend,


  1. I'm liking your quilt (it has a lot of tbe same vibe as mine, but a bigger project). Happy Birthday to your mother! Isn't that a lovely painting?!

  2. You are making such good progress on the quilt. It looks great! I hope your young man is excited and appreciative. I also really like the painting of your mother. The story makes it even better.

  3. I've missed your blog. What a great boy quilt. My mother turned 93 on Wednesday. I feel blessed to still have her.

  4. Happy birthday to your beautiful mom!! The quilt is really nice. I love the colors.
    Have a good weekend!

  5. Wow that is a beautiful painting, and a lovely story. My dad's birthday would have been tomorrow, it is always a melancholy time of year for me.

  6. What a wonderful memory of your mother and father. A special way to hold them close.

    Ocean waves is very fitting, the colors move across the quilt.

  7. Your son's quilt is looking so nice, Susan! And what a beautiful picture of your mom - super special!

  8. That is a beautiful keepsake of both your Mom and Dad.
    The quilt is looking awesome! Great name too. I am glad you got a post up today. It has been quiet here. :)

  9. Such a precious painting - Happy Birthday to your mother.
    Did you "teach" your son about the ironing? or did you do it yourself in the end?