Sunday, June 9, 2013

Signing In High School Yearbooks

My Student Teaching semester is nearly over: all that is left is a final to be given to my 10th grade World History class on Wednesday and the last day of school on Thursday.  No more lesson planning, research and waking up before any sane person chooses too in the morning.   For a sense of closure I've volunteered to work graduation so I can have the opportunity to say goodbye to the many seniors whom I've truly enjoyed throughout the semester.  I guess it's my final thank you to them for all that they have taught me.  

As I walked into school on Friday I thought about what I would write in student's yearbooks that day as I assumed I would at least be asked by a few.  I knew it would not be the "Have a bitch'n summer" that is sprinkled throughout most of my middle school yearbooks or the "Have a great life!" that is ubiquitous in the graduating senior yearbook.  I chose to individualize each one, careful to change things up for every student as I know that they share everything with each other. (They even take pictures of what people write and Instragram, etc., them - yes really they do!)  What an enjoyable day that was to spend both periods signing yearbooks, sharing summer plans and assuring them I would be a graduation.  

When lunch arrived and the seniors dispersed to other parts of campus or further, I had a thought of wishing that I had my own yearbook which the students could have signed in. The thought moved on and minutes later when it was time to close up the room I looked toward the board and found these:  

Six of my lovely seniors had written on my board - what a huge treat!  In a way it was my own personal yearbook.  I couldn't help but take photos to add to the wonderful positive memories that my Student Teaching semester has given me.  Funny I've just realized that by taking a photo and now blogging about it, I've done exactly what some of my seniors have done.  If they only knew - hehe.  

My own high school yearbooks sit just above me on a shelf where I am now, folded into my favorite chair at my computer.  I have not looked at them in a long time but perhaps I'll get them out tonight and flip through my senior year yearbook to look back at how my fellow students viewed me and the world when we were 18. Maybe...

Summer is almost here - lots of cooking, gardening, canning, sewing, quilting, reading, spending time with friends, blogging, and recording are on my list.  What is on yours?  

Enjoy your Sunday~


  1. Isn't that wonderful! WE always knew you would be a great teacher - but it is nice to have that kind of feedback from your students.

  2. I always bought a yearbook once I started teaching middle school, and I would try to get all of my students to sign it. When my eldest daughter was in eighth grade herself (and in the throes of adolescence and the embarrassment of having us for parents), she picked up my yearbook and started reading what my students had written. Her response to what she read (dripping with disdain and amazement) was, "They think you're one of the cool teachers! This is the stuff you write to the cool teachers."

  3. oh what a special touch as your school year ends! Proud of you! ;-)

  4. Sounds like a sweet ending to the experience. Congrats on the milestone and I hope you have a lovely summer.

  5. How sweet! Big praise from teens, as you well know. Living in a small town, this time of year is really extra special. All of our school events are punctuated with a seniors' awards and recognition, and many of these kids I've known since we moved here almost 4 years ago. With only 1 middle school and 1 high school in town, we get really attached to all of our "kids". Saturday as I drove around after they're grad ceremony it was fun to see all of the balloons, home made signs, and streets full of cars at all of the various parties. Of course it's the teachers (and parents) that get most choked up. Great time of year! You're making a difference!

  6. Very sweet of them to think of you!