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Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break!

10 Weeks of Student Teaching down, 10 weeks to go. 
I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated Spring Break 2013.  Although technically not over yet, most of the fun has been already had as I am now focused on a major school project due Monday evening.  

So what have I done with my Spring Break?  
The family and I went to Mammoth Mountain in the High Sierras of California to ski for three glorious days.  The following are photos I took with my iPhone.  I am a bit disappointed right now as it looks as the majority of the photos I took on my digital Cannon camera have vanished into thin air.....

This is how I ski...mask, goggles & helmet.  Most people these days wear helmets as they are required for kids in ski school or in lessons.  Added bonus - keeps the ears warm!  I wear a mask because my face gets so cold and keeps me from getting sunburned.  

Every time I come to Mammoth I look for Woolly the Mammoth mascot skiing around the mountain.  This was a great find as I had seen him a few times (on Easter he wore bunny ears!) but had not seen him up close.  Usually he is skiing down the mountain under me as I fly overhead on the chairlift. 
Woolly the Mammoth! 

In the three decades I've been skiing at Mammoth I've never gone up Chair 23 to Cornice Bowl.  I've never even thought about going up Chair 23...Cornice Bowl?  No way - I can't ski that crazy black diamond run.  Well this year I did.  It was exhilarating and a bit scary as I'm afraid of heights - once I skied over to the top of the run after this shot was taken, I focused on looking at only the first 5 feet or so of what was in front of me and not how steep the run was.  
10,836 Feet : Top of Cornice Bowl

Another triumph of the trip was my older son was back in action on a snowboard after tearing his PCL in his right knee seven months ago.  

Lastly here are a few shots that I took coming up Chair 14.  It was so beautiful that I couldn't resist taking a few shots with my iPhone while on the lift although I was paranoid of dropping my iPhone. I've seen many people drop gloves  hats, phones off of chairlifts.  

After we returned from Mammoth I pulled out my sewing machine and sewed up another Lucky Stars BOM from Don't Call Me Betsy.  This is the February block called Exploding Star.  I've truly enjoyed paper piecing these blocks - I just have to pay close attention to the first quadrant and the rest go well.  
Exploding Star - Lucky Stars BOM from Don't Call Me Betsy.  

I received a call while in Mammoth that the Sea Glass quilt I had dropped off with my longarmer six weeks or so ago was done.  She did an amazing job and after I finish putting on the binding I'll have a full reveal.  

Lastly for the Spring Break fun, my youngest turned 15. He's already talking about starting driver's education so he can get his permit when he's exactly 15 1/2. me figure out how to slow down time! 

I'm off to finish that binding.  Hope you all are well!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

T@tT: ad hoc at home Apple Fritters

Sorry for being absent from "the table" for so long.
It's a busy time for me but I still enjoy the time in the kitchen where I feel most comfortable and in command.  Hmm....maybe I should pretend my students are vegetables, fruits and everything else I cut, dice, chop, sear, saute, roast and bake.  That's it - pretend  my students are food!

HAHA....all kidding aside, these Apple Fritters were fun to make.
Tasty, fairly easy to make and not too messy.
Younger son helped prep and eat as he loves apples.

Cutting apples into matchsticks was unexpected
An easy batter of flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon and milk.

Three or four apple matchsticks gently dropped into the hot oil. 

About two minutes later (after being turned over) they're done.
 Warm soft apple slices inside, crispy crunch dough on the outside. The touch of cinnamon worked perfectly with the apples.  Drizzling with Nutella would have made them
Ready for dessert.  
One last thing - I actually sewed this past weekend and made the January Lucky Stars BOM block called Wonky Star.  I like Wonky - impossible to ruin a Wonky star.
Wonky Star:  Lucky Stars BOM
Gotta go...
Go visit Debbie at her Table!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Stars and an Anniversary

With so much swirling around on this WIP Wednesday I've made a list:

1. Lucky Stars BOM: December Practice Block - happy with my first attempt at paper piecing.
2.  Second Year Podcast Anniversary on Friday, January 18th, 2013.  I'll be recording a podcast that day and will be embedding a special giveaway clue in the recording.

3.  QST Pinwheel Label  and binding fabric for Sea Glass Quilt - must get basting to keep on track with my January 2013 January Lovely Year of Finishes goal.

4.  Parisian Star Block for my month of Modern Blocks Bee:  Now there are seven.

5.  Student Teaching Prep:  Writing syllabi, lesson plans and unit plans to get ready for start on 1/29/13.

I'm linking up with WIP Wednesday.

Don't forget to listen to my next podcast, Episode 35 (!) where I'll be talking about Indigo and the amazing range of blues created by dying fabric with it.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

History Quilter Podcast Episode 34 Goodbye 2012

Happy Sunday everyone,

History Quilter Podcast Episode 34 Goodbye 2012 is now available on Podbean, iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Here are links to the podcast episodes I spoke about:
This American Life "What Doesn't Kill You" Go here to listen on the TAL website. Act Two called Just Keep Breathing is so good.  Scary, gripping but good.

America's Test Kitchen "New Rule: A Calorie is Not a Calorie". Go here to download/listen in iTunes or here on the America's Test Kitchen Radio site.  This is a podcast (its free!) which has been airing for about an year now.  Consistently interesting, knowledgeable and worth my time.

I won Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters published by Fat Quarterly from Jaye of  I'm especially interested in the star section for an upcoming quilt.   Thanks Jaye!

For the new year I've decided to participate in the Lucky Stars BOM from Elizabeth of Don't Call Me Betsy.

For the Lucky Stars BOM, I will be working with a an entire stack of Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi prints that I've had around for a while waiting for the perfect project.

Hope you enjoyed the podcast episode.  I'm off to run around after a soccer ball....
Happy Sunday ~