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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

T@tT: ad hoc at home Apple Fritters

Sorry for being absent from "the table" for so long.
It's a busy time for me but I still enjoy the time in the kitchen where I feel most comfortable and in command.  Hmm....maybe I should pretend my students are vegetables, fruits and everything else I cut, dice, chop, sear, saute, roast and bake.  That's it - pretend  my students are food!

HAHA....all kidding aside, these Apple Fritters were fun to make.
Tasty, fairly easy to make and not too messy.
Younger son helped prep and eat as he loves apples.

Cutting apples into matchsticks was unexpected
An easy batter of flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon and milk.

Three or four apple matchsticks gently dropped into the hot oil. 

About two minutes later (after being turned over) they're done.
 Warm soft apple slices inside, crispy crunch dough on the outside. The touch of cinnamon worked perfectly with the apples.  Drizzling with Nutella would have made them
Ready for dessert.  
One last thing - I actually sewed this past weekend and made the January Lucky Stars BOM block called Wonky Star.  I like Wonky - impossible to ruin a Wonky star.
Wonky Star:  Lucky Stars BOM
Gotta go...
Go visit Debbie at her Table!