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Monday, August 27, 2012

Mailing A Quilt & Stargazing

Today was the first time I have mailed a full size quilt to it's recipient.  In the past I have sent off fat quarters, blocks, mug rugs and pouches but today was the first time sending a full size quilt and I have learned through swapping that sending anything made with fabric should be sent in a Ziploc bag.

Is there a Ziploc bag big enough bag to enclose a XL Twin size quilt?  YES!
Ziploc makes a "Big Bag" as you can see by the photo below which is plenty big to house a XL twin size quilt.  You might think they would be expensive, but at $6.99 for a box of 5, I think they are a very good value.  Check them out here.

So now the T-Shirt is on it's way to North Carolina.  A big thank you to Zina for helping me with the label - she has the BEST handwriting!  After a nervous wash and dry, checking for stray threads and a quick iron, I was ready to send this baby off to it's new home.  Wonderful to have this project complete.
I went "Stargazing" today for the Modern Blocks Bee I participate in.  Marci asked us to make her a "Stargazing" block from Modern Blocks (pages 189-179 by Angela Pingel) and it was fun.  First time up for this block for me and I really enjoyed making these three different sized stars which incorporated the block.

Stargazing by Angela Pingel for Modern Blocks pg 178-179   12 1/2 x 12 1/2
Buona Sera,