Sunday, May 6, 2012

History Quilter Podcast Episode 26 Hawaiian Quilts 2.0

Hello everyone,
I recorded and uploaded History Quilter Podcast Episode 26 yesterday and is now available both on Podbean and iTunes.

Hawaiian Quilts received bit more airtime this episode due to Jaye's comment about the German tradition of Scherenschnitte or scissor cuts in which she shared how Scherenschnitte is the big sister of snowflake cutting.  Last time when I spoke about Hawaiian Quilts I explained how they mimicked snowflake cutting as the design appeared to be cut out of one single piece of fabric.

So what do you think?  Do you see the link between Scherenschnitte and Hawaiian Quilts?

Cut-out Design (Scherenschnitte) from International Quilt Study Center &Museum
more info here

Hawaiian Quilt photo from Extreme Craft/Mission Houses Museum in Honolulu, HI
What to see Scherenschnitte demonstrated?  Go visit Cindy of and watch her video at

What I read:  The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom
                     The Midwife of Venice by Roberta Rich

My end of semester project for myself - time for some garment sewing:
Evening Empire Dress with Turn of Events Voile 
Eight years today...I miss her so.
My niece, myself and my mother - 2/6/04
New topic next time!
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  1. Interesting similarities between the two styles! Nothing is ever new is it? ;-) Anxious to listen to your podcast. And blessings, Susan, as you remember your mom with love today....

  2. I do see similarities. I am very fond of Hawaiian quilts. Wish I had the patience.

  3. Sorry - tried to post on your podcast, but couldn't seem to get the secret letters right, so: Hey - Enjoyed the podcast & before I forget - pls tell me how I can find the bit about the mom and the pets. I heard that on the radio & was so entertained, I postponed my errands, sitting in the car listening to the end. I'd love to share it & listen again. I looked on the npr website & couldn't find it. Anyway - love hearing you talk about your folks - how bittersweet for you. And congrats on the honor with your mentor AND the scholarship/internship - whatever that is, it sounds cool & hope you tell more after Saturday night. Take care...thanks much for sharing. Makes my Sunday evenings in the sewing room! ;-)

  4. I want to see the cute block you got!
    I am looking forward to seeing that movie you talked about as well. We saw a preview on a rental dvd and it looks so fun!
    As hard as it is for you, I enjoy hearing about the sweet relationship you had with your parents.
    Your dress is going to be so pretty!

    I am excited (and a little nervous) to meet you and Gloria next week. I am not a terribly outgoing soul, so hopefully I don't bore you to death. :)
    Hope your day is a wonderful one!

  5. Here's an idea: How many shots of Jagermeister does it take before you can't pronounce Scherenschnitte? I'm out.


    I so wish I could tag along with you to the Del Mar show next week. I'd love to meet some fellow podcast listeners as well. Unfortunately, I have plans that can't be changed :(

  6. I forgot to mention the Sewflakes book, which you can see in the author's store at:

    I haven't listened to your most recent podcast yet, but I am thrilled to hear you won't the scholarship! Great work!

  7. So I was driving down the road yesterday listening to you and I heard my name; yea! The I heard that I was a No-Reply Blogger; boo! I had no idea, especially since I've gotten E-Mails from other podcasters.

    I'll send you a note separately, but my E-Mail is

    Thought about you as I drive over the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge in Annapolis today; I still get choked up when I think of the young men who went from here to there.

    All the best.