Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life & A Thread Color Question

The last five days have been so consumed with life and school that zero crafting has occurred in my house.  Actually I haven't even felt like crafting which is surprising but thankfully the Creative Grids 60 degree ruler I purchased online to use with the Varsity pattern by Jaybird Quilts arrived late yesterday afternoon.  I'm looking forward to start the work on this quilt with my younger son very soon.  

Curious as to what I'm doing in school now? (Even if you are not I'll share it anyway for my own future self when I come back someday to read what I was up to.) Studying the historiography of World History, writing lesson plans about Ancient Rome, Curriculum Mapping for the entire 6th grade year, and working to get my Student Teaching application all ready to turn in by Monday, October 1st.  A very important deadline filled with stress as I am supposed to choose where I want to student teach in the Spring.  The best possible outcome would be to student teach at a school where the possibility of getting hired for Fall 2013 is very high but unfortunately there is no way to predict that.  The thought of working all of these years on my degree, making it through the credential program and student teaching and ultimately not being able to find a job is almost horrifying to me right now.  

Wow - didn't expect to go there.  Bear with me reader - a lot of emotions are swirling right now. 

OK switching back to crafting now.... I want to start quilting the Sea Glass Quilt but I'm having trouble figuring out which color thread to use.  The solid sashing around the blocks is Kona Celery and I want to use Aurifil thread but when I put the Aurifil thread chart up to the quilt top nothing jumps out at me. Have any suggestions?   Just for clarification - I do not expect you to be able to color match this from a photo - if you have used Kona Celery and have Aurifil thread suggestions, please let me know. 
Last thing I'll share today is last night my younger son ran in his first track meet for his high school.  So proud of him as in the 95+ degree heat (It is our turn to melt right now in Southern California) at 5:30pm last night he ran his best 5K time ever. 
Loved cheering him on down the stretch to the finish line. 
Thank you for reading and enjoy your Saturday, 


  1. yikes! I wish you the best RE: the schooling & placement - lots at stake, yes! I do love the new project you are about to start and RE: I've heard that if you can't find matching thread go a shade darker. All I know about that!

  2. Good luck!! Agree with Deb, go with a bit darker shade. Where did you get your color chart? LOVE it! Love the quilt too, and sounds like he won't need it anytime soon with that heat...

  3. We all have worries about our futures. You have worked hard, you care, you will get a job. Perhaps not the one you imagined, but you WILL get a teaching job. Think positive and feel free to tell us your worries.

    Re: thread color. I hate to tell you this, but you have to make visual decisions visually. This is harder with thread, because usually they are wrapped up tight, but try and improvise. You need to unroll the thread and lay a single strand over your quilt on the different colors of fabric. This will tell you how the thread will look when it is quilted. You might have to buy a couple of spools to do this.

    I love the color cards, but the problem is that they don't give you an idea of a single seam line. They give you an idea of how a satin stitch will look. Satin stitches are beautiful, but how often do we use them?

  4. You are going to be fine. I have good thoughts about your future. Now as for the thread. When I was first learning to sew (I don't want to say how long ago that was) but, the rule was when in doubt, use gray. Now I like to use a gold beige. Just MHO.

  5. The thread thing - I would go for contrast if you aren't doing in the ditch, so a dark shade of yellow, or a "dove blue" (hard to describe, lot's of grey and a bit puplish shade mixed in - a washed blue, not a clear one)

    As to the future - we never know until it has passed, but I know the feeling. At least I just have to find some work for over the summer and ehh "simply" find a Master programm (which seems to be impossible so far) that fits my Bachelor in some way, ohh and that is not too far away from home - I did support the train company for long enough, they will have ot be able to survivie without me.

    I'm sure you will do just fine ...

  6. Try not to worry about the future (easier said than done I know all too well)and enjoy the present. When the time comes the perfect opportunity will come along.

    Regarding thread.... sorry no help from me, I tend to have to let decisions like that simmer before I decide.

  7. I understand your anxiety, but you will be fine. I am sure your dedication and enthusiasm will come through in your student teaching and interviews. I know districts are cutting back, but history is hard to eliminate, and teachers are retiring in droves. Might not be the job you'd pick, but sometimes that is good, too.

    Many colors would be good on this. Go with your gut. That "dove blue" sounds interesting.