Saturday, December 22, 2012

Easing Into Christmas

With school out I've been focusing most of my attention on getting ready for Christmas but I'll admit to not being all that excited about it.  A great motivator though is the excitement of my children on Christmas morning so I continue I like to call my "easing into Christmas" phase.  I'm not done with shopping and last night I ran out of wrapping paper but as I'm taking it slow - I'm not worried.  The mall will be crowded but I'll just go with the flow as I know things will get done.  Some of what I traditionally do and enjoy will come after Christmas this year - I'll send out New Year's cards and make New Year's cookies to give to friends and family.  

Crafty wise, here is what I've been working on: 

I began quilting Ocean Waves yesterday.  This is the quilt for my younger son.  

My one handmade gift this year was a request from the MIL.  A Practical Bag by Grand Revival Designs.  
Made the older son a draft sock with camouflage fabric.  Funny - he knew I was making him one but didn't realize that it would be in his favorite fabric till I laid it down and pulled his gaze away from his computer screen.  He was pleased.  

 My Lego train I set up every year somewhere near the tree.  This year it is underneath.  It has this lovely clicking sound when running which reminds me of slower European trains.  Love it.  
Found Weck canning jars at Cost Plus World Market and made Salted Caramel Sauce for the first time.  Thanks to Debbie for her inspiration! I'll have more on this in another post. 

Enjoy your Saturday~


  1. Wow - I think you've gotten ALOT done! Love that mil requested something handmade! Take care as you keep doing what needs done! ;-)

  2. You've been busy! I need to make a draft sock for Anne's room - she gets a crazy cold draft from her closet. Have a wonderful holiday :)

  3. Such a great post! I am not excited either. I feel tired, but don't know why. I really have to get myself in gear. Love your train and I love it that it is YOURS!!!

  4. Lots of good stuff there. Hope you have a peaceful Christmas.

  5. Easing into Christmas sounds like an excellent idea. So do new years cards, I will think about that one. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  6. Definitely easing in and actually a bit of a miss this year. I am soo tired. I like your New Year cookies idea! Have a wonderful break from school - short lived though it is.

  7. I love your train! I look forward to seeing your son's quilt all done. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Hugs!