Thursday, July 11, 2013

Photos For A Thursday

I'm currently working on a couple of projects to finish up my teaching credential and as I sit here listening to Coldplay and writing...the impulse to post a blog has popped into my brain.  
Blogpost writing = another perfectly valid form of procrastination.  

In Production:  A maxi-dress made of Voile...buttery and yummy to work with.  
Simplicity 2638    Robert Kaufman London Calling Voile 

What happens when I'm beyond bored of my surroundings....

Dining Room late Sunday afternoon

Dining Room Monday morning
I shouldn't be bored because remodel plans are at the city and hopefully will be approved any minute now.  Although I am not keeping the beautiful 60 year old hardwood, it will be salvaged and given away for someone else to use.  

My new kitchen is in there!  

So while I wait for those plans, I am out looking at things like this...
I'm in love...seriously. 

My lovely little cave kitchen got a workout on the 4th when I cooked 15 pounds of Buttermilk Fried Chicken for our block party.  My little range top got a good workout that day.   
Buttermilk Fried Chicken

This morning's harvest: tomatoes, zucchini and one tomatillo.

Go have a great day everyone! Be safe and have fun. 


  1. That chicken looks delicious!

    Did you pull up that carpet by yourself!? Nice!

    That is a very fabulous range. You should be able to make some rockin' meals on that.

  2. Can't wait to see your finished dress!

    Six burners! Swoon!!

  3. oh yeah - I'd be in love with that stove too if there was any possibility! Hope your plans get approved SOON!

  4. The stove and hardwood are beautiful! I would love to rehab my kitchen someday. Your chicken in making me hungry!!

  5. What an exciting summer is in store for you. I'm interested in knowing why you aren't keeping those beautiful floors.

  6. I love the dress you're making, I imagine it's done by now. I am jealous of your tomatoes. My golden pear tomatoes are going nuts, but the rest are only so so. BUT it's the first time I've been successful at all. They are in containers, and I may not have fertilized enough. My catnip is going great guns, and I'll have lots to dry, even with the helper cats constant grazing.

  7. PS.. Love your blog and your podcast. I'm not a very good commenter, or I haven't been, so I am trying to remedy that.