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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

History Quilter Podcast Episode 39 Catching Up

Happy Tuesday! 

When you haven't recorded a podcast in just over three months things happen:

1. You may unintentionally have background music playing of your iTunes playlist.  (Disconcerting at first but fun.) 
2. You get teased for taking so long for recording a podcast. (Don't mind that in the least.
3. It takes you almost a week to post a blog post about the episode that you recorded, uploaded and published.  (There is a benefit to this one - keep reading for the good news in the P.S.) 

This episode was all about Catching Up as I wanted to catch you all up on what had been going on in my world before I dove back into quilting history.  You can listen to the episode on iTunes, Podbean or on Stitcher Radio.  You can also listen directly from this website by clicking on the Podbean box to the right. 

I've made a few mug rugs - this one I *free-motioned quilted* for the first time.  Yes first time! 
6" x 9" Mug Rug - made for my friend Cheryl 
I finished my Maxi-Dress: 
Simplicity 2638
Jaye of and I are about to start collaborating on a new quilt with a pattern called Russian Rubix. She has ordered us plastic templates to make the cutting process much easier for the OCTAGONS! I called them Hexi's in the podcast....bad Susan.  
Russian Rubix Quilt Pattern

Here is a little mug rug I made with the test block for Russian Rubix.  Nothing spectacular but it did illustrate that when using prints I need to be aware of how they will fade into the background fabric if not considered correctly.  
5' X 5" test block mug rug
I'm already researching, reading and writing for my next podcast - coming soon!
Thank you for listening~

P.S.  I spoke about the TPA's in the podcast.  I learned yesterday that they are my nemesis no longer as I PASSED!  Very, very happy Susan now.  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Photos For A Thursday

I'm currently working on a couple of projects to finish up my teaching credential and as I sit here listening to Coldplay and writing...the impulse to post a blog has popped into my brain.  
Blogpost writing = another perfectly valid form of procrastination.  

In Production:  A maxi-dress made of Voile...buttery and yummy to work with.  
Simplicity 2638    Robert Kaufman London Calling Voile 

What happens when I'm beyond bored of my surroundings....

Dining Room late Sunday afternoon

Dining Room Monday morning
I shouldn't be bored because remodel plans are at the city and hopefully will be approved any minute now.  Although I am not keeping the beautiful 60 year old hardwood, it will be salvaged and given away for someone else to use.  

My new kitchen is in there!  

So while I wait for those plans, I am out looking at things like this...
I'm in love...seriously. 

My lovely little cave kitchen got a workout on the 4th when I cooked 15 pounds of Buttermilk Fried Chicken for our block party.  My little range top got a good workout that day.   
Buttermilk Fried Chicken

This morning's harvest: tomatoes, zucchini and one tomatillo.

Go have a great day everyone! Be safe and have fun.