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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's That Time Of Year...

First day of school for my 11th grader:
6:35am - About to leave to take the 11th grade carpool to school.  Had to bribe the 9th grader to wake up for the photo. Excuse the blurry iPhone photos - it was 6:35am. 
Coaxed a bit of a smile out of the 9th grader...
And of course older brother has to have a bit of fun with his younger brother. 

Happy for my older son to get back to school - he will have a very tough year with his class load but he's very excited and more than ready to learn.  

It is now 7:25am and both are off to school.  Weird....but now it's time to sing!  
Check out this circa 1996 Staples Commercial - cracks me up every time. 

Enjoy your Wednesday,

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pictures: Polaroids & Digital

Over the last two days, in between soccer games, new parent high school orientation and the usual running around I do, I finished my first project on my new sewing machine.  Below are my Polaroid blocks for the *Picture-Perfect* Polaroid Block Swap.  This was a fun project as I had never purposefully fussy cut fabric and it came together very fast.

Speaking of new parent high school orientation, my youngest has just left for his first day of high school. It's an informal day, so no uniform but I still had to immortalize it with a photo. 

My boys have been going to school on the same day for as long as they have been in school so it's strange to have a photo with just one.  His older brother doesn't start for 2+ weeks so sleeping in till about 10 is his preferred way to begin his day.  In the photo below are my boys on my youngest's first day of pre-school - August 2000.  
Where does the time go?  I'm holding steady to the thought that my boys are growing up but I am not getting older!  
Hope you have a great Monday,