Sunday, March 6, 2011

History Quilter Episode #4 Podcast Notes

My apologies for the late recording of Episode #4.

Today I spoke about Quilting Periodicals from the 1850's - 1920's with most of my research found from a terrific article written by Ms. Wilene Smith in the Uncoverings publication produced by American Quilt Study Group.  For more information about Uncoverings please check out this link:

I spoke about a new Quilt Shop that I discovered by chance yesterday located in Anaheim, CA called Quilter's Garden.  Great quilt shop with very friendly and helpful staff.  For more information about this quilt shop please visit their website at:

For more information about the 2011 Southern California Quilter's Run please check out their website at:

I'm working on this monster for my son right now:
Open Windows quilt top
This was the panel I purchased at the Quilter's Garden that I loved but had no clue what to do with.
"Petal Pushers" Riverwoods Collection from Troy Corporation
This is the "food" quilt kit I purchased from Quilter's Garden.  The main panel photo is below.
"Potpourri" by Grace Pullen
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  1. Listening now :) By the way - trimary is me! I COMPLETELY forgot that was my 'nickname' or whatever on itunes! tri was for triathlon - I hope that doesn't spoil all the ideas you had come up with. Happy Monday!

  2. Listening to your podcast now, and drove into work listening to your 3rd podcast on the life of Nancy and the quilting guild. Just laughed at the third person story. Love your approach from a historical perspective. You're doing a great job, continue to keep them coming.