Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Open Windows Finish & a new WIP

Just out of the dryer is Open Windows:
Open Windows - finished March 2011
The above was my best attempt at "staging" this monster.  Here is the gratuitous on-the-bench train wreck.  Design is not my forte.  

This is what my son will see when he gets home from school today.  Hope he likes it!  

While anxiously awaiting how this quilt did in the washer/dryer, I pulled out my Anna Maria Horner stash and decided on various Garden Party FQ's to use for the Supernova Quilt Along with Lee at Freshly Pieced.  So excited!  

My non crafty WIP:  Made a run to my favorite nursery yesterday to load up on these:

Tomatoes (my attempt at growing seeds this year was dismal), Onions, Peppers, Potatoes, Basil and Butternut Squash.  

Go check out Lee at Freshly Pieced to see amazing things that people are posting today.  

Off to the garden,


  1. You are too funny! I have a problem taking pictures of my quilts too... no cute place, bad lighting, etc.. It really can be a challenge! Love how it turned out, and I'm sure your son will be thrilled!! Have fun planting!

  2. I sure hope your son likes his quilt, I do!

  3. I am sure your son will love his quilt when he gets home!

  4. Wow. Open Windows looks great! Bet your son loves it!

  5. Can't wait to see your Supernova in Garden Party! Gorgeous. Nice job on the Open Windows quilt. Thanks for linking up, have a great week!

  6. So, tell us! Did your son love his quilt? I do. It is absolutely beautiful. Well done!

  7. I really like the quilt you made for your son!