Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Swap Intimidation

I am participating in the Goodie Swap 2011 hosted by Cindy from Fluffy Sheep Quilting and until two days ago I had not started on my projects.  I've had a whole month to figure out and work on these projects but I kept putting the process off, choosing to work on other things.  WHY?  I was intimidated by the thought that what I would be sending to my partners would not be good enough.  

A very motivating e-mail from Cindy last week knocked me out of my discomfort zone and got my creative juices flowing.  I used the Little Glam Bag pattern from Pink Sand Beach Designs that I used back in July to make myself a pouch.  After posting the photos on Flickr last night and receiving many positive comments from other swap members I learned a good lesson.  
What is my lesson?  Don't be intimated. What's the point?  

So here is what I have completed so far:  
Goodie for Partner #1

Goodie for Partner #2
So the goodies are done and now it's on to the mug rugs.  Will I coordinate the mug rugs with the pouches or not?  Not sure as I have seen others on Flickr (do visit the Goodie Swap 2011 Flickr group) do both.  

I'm linking up with Fabric Tuesday at Quiltstory - just noticed that there were quite a few Christmas themed items linked for this week....are we supposed to be thinking about Christmas already?  

Felice Martedi, 


  1. Lovely pouches! Glad you were affirmed on flickr! And Christmas??? YIKES.

  2. Love the idea of your blog! I think the history behind quilts is most definitely what makes them most meaningful! Found you on the Quilt Story link up....newest follower! :)

  3. Good for you! Motivated! The flickr group is fantastic in giving support and happiness, so keep stitching! I didn't match my goodie and 'rug, but I see many who did and I really like it. You can't go wrong :)

  4. Love your pouches. i'm in the same swap and I would be a very happpy recipient if I'm matched with you. I finished up yesterday. Hopefully will take some pictures tonight and do some posting on Quilt Story. Can't wait for my goodies. It's my first mug swap.

  5. NAH Christmas is not coming this year (at least that is what I am telling myself) LOL