Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Look Who I Had Breakfast With...

Mug Rug made by Zina for me - front
Isn't he lovely?  Oh but look on the back....
Mug Rug made by Zina for me - back
Had breakfast with him too.  All courtesy of Zina, my Goodie Swap 2011 partner who lives maybe a mile from me.  A mile!  Goodie Swap 2011 was an international swap (hosted by Cindy from Fluffy Sheep Quilting who lives in Ireland) with many gals from the UK participating so how funny is it that Zina and I somehow got paired together.

Not only did I receive the above mug rug but she also sent me the coolest bag...there was no photo I could take that would do it justice.  And she threw in a couple of fall colored fat quarters.
Please go visit Zina's Flickr page to see some of the other creative things she has made.   Thank you so much Zina for making my first swap so successful!  By the way I had seen this mug rug on the Flickr group and so when I saw who the package was from after I returned home from school last night about 9:30pm I squealed!  I knew right away that I was receiving one of her lovely fireman goodies.

A Work In Progress Update:

This is Supernova being based on the only solid surface in my house wide enough....just wide enough at 64 inches!  So glad I thought of doing this instead of the carpet as now that I am in the quilting stage, the back looks so much better.  I purchased the binding fabric and hope to get going on that by the weekend.

What's left on my WIP list:
Italian Sorbetto
Sliced Coins
School Yard

Lastly, it feels like Fall around here so I baked up a two loaves of Pumpkin Bread.

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday #45 with Lee.  Please go visit her at Freshly Pieced to see what she and others are working on this week.  

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday,


  1. I have the same lack-of-space problem. Have you seen this post I did a year ago? I love that mug rug!! So funny! I had some similar fabric that I made pillow cases for a girl friend of mine so she could say she was sleeping with them LOL. Yummy pumpkin bread!

  2. Glad your swap was a fun experience! And that Supernova....yay for a basted quilt! And btw, the pumpkin bread looks so tasty!

  3. Love pumpkin coffee? Your Supernova is very pretty and who wouldn't want to wake up to something so pretty.

  4. Zina's rugs are so funny they'd cheer you up in an instant. I love it. I also love her bags - really creative AND beautiful. You totally won the lotto!!

  5. I'm so glad Mr. Mug Rug made it to your house in record time. I will miss him, but I know he'll be well taken care of. I figured the bag would be useful since we live in a city that has banned plastic grocery bags (still trying to remember to bring mine in with me from the car). Enjoy!

    Your pumpkin bread looks delicious and I can smell it from here!