Monday, January 30, 2012


My father turned 84 yesterday.

I love the above photo as it was taken on a waterski trip to Lake Shasta, CA sometime in the 1960's.  My father loved to waterski and before my younger brother and I came along, my parents would take many trips with my older brother to go water skiing all around California. The photo above is the perfect representation of my father - happy, fun-loving and always with a smile.

The following is a brief photo-collage of some of my favorite photos of my father:

The hair gets me every time - 1948
Wedding Day 1952

On board the USS Columbus  Pireus, Greece 1953
My father was in the Navy reserves by the time my younger brother and I came along and I remember the few weekends he would have to leave to go on his Navy Reserve duty. That's me in the middle.
Lake Oswego, OR  1973

Mom & Dad - 1976

The "perm" years...oy vey
Giving me away at my wedding

Always teasing his grandchildren
My father and I had a lovely dinner together last night - just the two of us enjoying take-out and conversation about the past.
Happy Birthday Dad,


  1. awwww. so sweet. Glad you had a nice evening celebrating dad!

  2. What a lovely post - those pictures are so much fun to look at. Happy Birthday!

  3. Such a sweet post! There is nothing quite like the father-daughter relationship!

  4. What a lovely tribute Susan. Where were you reared?