Tuesday, January 10, 2012

T@tT: Delicata Squash

In the winter months when my own personal garden is slowly growing/sleeping, I subscribe to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for local organic vegetables to be delivered to my door every other week. Its a fun treat for me as I so enjoy of array of vegetable/fruit goodness that surprises me when I open the box.  Last week I received a new squash that had never seen or tried - Delicata Squash.
Delicata Squash
Last night I wanted to try something new for dinner so I looked at those cute new-to-me squashes and went searching on Google to find out what to do with them.  To my delight I found a new (to me) food blog called summertomato.com  where Darya had posted about Delicata Squash back in October.  Please visit Darya's post here to see the recipe I used and let me just say that I second everything Darya says in her post about Delicata squash. It's delicious and very easy to prepare.
Delicata Squash/Olive Oil/Kosher Salt - roast in 425 degree oven

Roast on both sides for a crispy crust but a creamy interior. 
Although I couldn't bribe my boys into trying the squash both my husband and I loved it. Truly a wonderful new surprise vegetable for me that I will be serving at my table for years go come.

I'm linking up with Debbie from A Quilter't Table for her Tuesday at the Table post today. Please go visit to read her inspiring story.

I also made Granola last night and I'm trying to stay away from it as I'm going to a much anticipated brunch shortly...want to enjoy the food!
Enjoy your Tuesday~


  1. Delicata Squash and Kabocha Squash are my favorite squashes.

  2. oh that sounds delish. I love winter squash & will try to find a delicata & try your recipe!

  3. We've grown delicata before. Our favorite is still the acorn. I (or my husband) use a heavy chef's knife to spit them in half lengthwise, then roast them, adding butter and brown sugar near the end. YUM! We discovered all sorts of new veggies when we did a CSA in Michigan a few years back.

  4. I wish my CSA delivered! It is like an hour from me so I've never joined (plus it would be only me trying to eat a whole shares worth of vegetables)

    The squash looks amazing! I love squash so much. I need to eat lunch now before I start licking the computer screen.

  5. Well this is timely! I substituted in Delicata squash on this week's produce delivery - thanks for the recipe!

  6. We just had a Delicata squash dish at Christmas and it was so wonderful. I've been looking for other recipes for this yummy vegetable. Thanks for posting.

  7. mmmm. just tried this tonight & it was DELISH! Thanks for telling us about the Delicata, Susan! (and random, Sharon B above is a long-time, lives-by-me friend!)