Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Finish: Late Night Mug Rugs

Last weekend I was lamenting that I was a quilter who never quilts as it has felt like forever since I had the opportunity to sew much less finish something.  My trip away was the jump start I needed to get out some fabric and start cutting.  Monday evening I pulled out a FQ (fat quarter) stack of A Stitch in Color by Malka Dubrawsky that I won in a giveaway from Debbie from A Quilter's Table way back in February and then I remembered what Debbie had recently made with the same fabric.  Debbie and I both agreed that this fabric is not automatically an easy me it doesn't call out for a specific project but when I saw her post in May about the potholders she had made with it, I had my muse.  Please visit her post here for her inspiration of where she received the original idea.  Thanks Debbie!  

Mug Rug #1  9x11

Mug Rug #2   9x11

Back of both Mug Rugs
I used a new-to-me binding technique from VeryKerryBerry for a Single Binding Tutorial. I found it very helpful and easy to read and the binding went on super fast.  I finished the last stitch of binding last night at about HBO for the weekend had me up late.

So satisfying is a finish!  

If you are a podcast listener I have a request, would you please listen to the two minute test I published yesterday on Podbean and iTunes to let me know how the sound quality is?  Yesterday amidst almost eight hours helping out with the 8th grade dance I ran a quick errand to pick up a new microphone.
My new microphone
Off to conquer the day...hope you all have a great Saturday,


  1. Sounds good Susan. Love your mug rugs.

  2. Aww - so fun, Susan! Glad I could inspire you! Your mug rugs look great & I hope you'll post them in my flickr group! Are they gifts or ??
    Thanks for the s-f binding tute - a good reminder for those smaller projects. And RE: the mic - sound volume was good & you sounded great, tho just a tad 'hollow'. Have fun with your new toy!

  3. Cool microphone and mug rugs!! I love that fabric line too. I have a wee bit of it that I need to get out and use soon!!

  4. Sounds pretty good! There is a tiny sort of echo-y feel. It isn't anything that bothers me on my earbuds though. Your mug rugs look so cool!

  5. The sound is great! Much better than the last podcast. Thanks I really enjoy your podcasts. Michelle

  6. I love the mug rugs! So cheerful. I listened to your test podcast, and the sound is great. I smiled when you say your going "up north". To me, that is the Arctic.

  7. Cute mug rugs, with a nice modern feel! I love the citrus fabric.
    Your podcast test sounded good. The volume was good, but couldn't compare it with the intro music you usually have. I might have heard a slight hum in the background (kind of like a refrigerator?), but it wasn't distracting and it might have been just me. Looking forward to your next podcast!

  8. The new mic sounds great. I look forward to your next podcast. Tami In Denver

  9. your mini quilts are so cute! Thanks for posting about the binding tutorial, I can always use more advice on that.

    As for your podcast. There was a bit of bumping in the background, maybe your breath. It happens after your sentences/ when you are taking a breath.

    As for podcasting on the road try (just audioboo in itunes. I use it with my students on our ipods:, you can hear the quality on there, remember it is really nervous kids with other kids in the background. It is super quick and easy and anything under 3 minutes is free. They have a paid version for more time. Don't know the cost though.

    Oh yeah, and how far up north are you going? I mean I am up north from you :)

  10. The mug rugs are cute. I love log cabin blocks, and they make great mug rugs, too. On the sound, the volume was good. Your voice did not sound quite as rich as normal, and I love your voice. Just a tad echoey, maybe.

  11. podcast feedback:
    the sound is a bit too clear and sharp, it could be a bit more muted, it's as if there is a curtain missing or a plant (you know the last bit that takes the echoing out of a room)
    the volume is much better with the older ones I have to turn up my volume
    you sound very American (nothing bad but you asked for any comments)