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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Work-In-Progress Wednesday: Handmade Christmas 2011 Wrap Up

Being very busy last week with the crush before Christmas caused me to use #BDSI (Boxing Day Sew In) on Twitter this past Monday, December 26th to finish up the Orange & Black quilt for my nephew for his Christmas present.  It was not a late gift as my side of the family did not get together until Monday afternoon to accommodate everybody's holiday schedules.
As I finished the quilting, prepared the binding and then machine sewed the binding on, I tweeted along with my fellow #BDSI companions keeping me company.  At one point I became super annoyed at my machine because I was getting the birds nest effect on the back and cried out for help....Jaye from Artquiltmaker came to my rescue by telling me to rewind my bobbin thread very SLOWLY.  That did the trick and at approximately 5pm Monday afternoon I took a photo of this:
Orange & Black quilt for N. 
Orange & Black 
Little Man quilt pattern by Camille Roskelley from Simplify:Quilts for the Modern Home
Fabrics: Various Kona Solids and two baseball patterns from local fabric store.
Started: November 2011
Finished: December 26, 2011
Given to nephew for Christmas 2011

Here's the front: 
Orange & Black quilt front - 40"x 50"
And the back:
Orange & Black back
I have four nieces of various ages so I decided this year for Christmas to give them a little handmade item with a favorite gift card of their choice nestled inside.  For my teenage nieces I tried a new tutorial for Lined Drawstring Bags from Jeni of  InColorOrder.  Great tute - go check it out.  Both bags came together very easily and were well received by both girls.  Success!  
Lined Drawstring Bags
For my younger nieces I made zip pouches and they loved them.  My SIL told me that the bag I made below for B. looks very similar to the new backpack that my niece had yet to open for Christmas.  The pouch would be a perfect accessory to the backpack which made me happy.  
Love this girl...such a sweet kid.  
So the Christmas rush of handmade is now over and now I can relax and wait for projects to appear.  I did receive a text yesterday from a good friend (Sarah) who asked me to make her a Kindle Fire cover and I replied a definitive YES.  Looking forward to researching tutorials and fabrics for her.  

Hope you are all well,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Teenager Laundry Woes & A Quilt Top Finish

Happy Wednesday!

Borders have now been attached to the Orange & Black Quilt and I am off shortly to go purchase backing and  binding fabric so I can begin basting this "Little Man".  This was the second time I used a quilt pattern from the Simplify book by Camille Roskelley and again, could not be happier.  

Orange & Black 
Laundry:  I am teaching both my boys how to do their own laundry and without identifying whom, I have to say that one of them has embraced the process without a hitch.  Loads the washing machine with the correct amount of clothes, checks back to load the clean clothes into the dryer and folds his clothes in a timely manner.  The other son....oh my goodness.  The pile of clothes that envelopes his laundry basket is enormous, he loads the washer up with too many clothes and then leaves clothes in the washer.  The worst part is the pile of clean but irreversibly wrinkled clothes which litter his bed during the day.  At night they all get lumped on his desk.  Oh, and get this...he comes out with a horribly wrinkled shirt the other morning and asks if the wrinkles will come out before he leaves for school!   Got any suggestions for me?  

Off to lunch and fabric shopping - hope you all enjoy your day. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Quick Monday Wrap-up

Wonderfully busy day today filled with orange & black fabric, cake pops, observing in the classroom and some very tasty egg rolls.  I'll elaborate more on the cake pops tomorrow.  

The quilt top for my nephew is almost done - here it is in the fading light of the Monday sun.  I cut out the fabric Saturday evening, began sewing the blocks yesterday afternoon and just finished sewing up the rows. 
Little Man quilt pattern  40x40
I visited my favorite fabric store today to purchase the border, binding and backing fabrics but came out empty handed.  Turned out they were holding their annual 20% off sale and everybody and their mother was either looking at fabric or standing in line.  The cutting table line was 30 deep!  So I browsed a little and walked out determined to visit again but at 9am when they open.

I'm off to make pasta, sauce and whatever meat I can find in the house for the carnivores. Focaccia will also be thrown into that mix to make the younger son happy.

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Enjoy the rest of your Monday...