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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday: An Inventory

My creative juices have been running very low lately with most of my brain power going toward bookkeeping audit work (which is most thankfully, almost done) so I thought I would take a photographic inventory of my quilting works in progress to jump start my plan to finish these up before the summer ends.  

Fat Quarter Shop 2010 Designer Mystery BOM - seven blocks completed, five to go.
FQS 2010 Designer Mystery BOM
Sliced Coins Quilt Along with Elizabeth from Don't Call Me Betsy.  Needs backing, binding and quilting.

Sliced Coins
School Yard made from Square One pattern in Camille Roskelly's Simplify  Have backing and binding, needs to be basted, quilted and bound.
School Yard
Italian Sorbetto made with the Block -a- palooza Quilt Along.  Needs backing, binding and to be basted, quilted and bound.
Italian Sorbetto
Supernova Quilt Along from Lee From Freshly Pieced.  Five blocks completed, one in progress with three more to go.  My favorite of the whole to get this one done.  

Summer Sampler Series hosted by Faith, Katie and Lee.  Finished Block 4 yesterday morning and am so happy with the results.  Katie had suggested that we cut our fabric into 3 inch blocks and then once we pieced the HST's, cut them down to 2.5 inch blocks.  That method worked well for me as this block came out almost perfect - a first for me!  

Summer Sampler Series Block 4
Off to do some obvious quilt back/binding shopping, a wonderful lunch date and an evening spent sewing away while my people are off playing soccer and sailing.  

Go see what other's have on their WIP's list for this week with Lee at Freshly Pieced.  

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quilt Top Finishes and Mac-N-Cheese

Although quiet here on my blog, my life has been far from quiet.  The stunning events in Japan have held me transfixed for a week now - I'm going to do something to help but have not decided what to do yet.

Observing in classrooms is awesome.  This week I hit 10th grade World History, 11th Grade U.S. History and 12th Grade Economics.  I'm becoming emotionally invested in the students that I observe  - I just can't help it.  A few of them know that I am the sister of another teacher at the school but it seems to make little difference - they are all great kids.  I have now completed 20 of the 45 hours required for the course.  I'll finish up with 30 at the high school and then move on to do the remaining 15 at the middle school level.  

A few quilt top finishes this week:  
School Yard top is finished.  I have backing and binding - may tackle spray basting for this one.

WooHoo!  Sliced Coins top is finished!  LOVE IT.

Picked Broccoli, Cabbage, and Green Onions on Monday. 

Back for Open Windows quilt for my son.  Just waiting for the binding.  
Yes, this is the biggest floor space in my house - barely fits this XL twin size quilt.

Birthday Cake for my 15 year old.  
I like boxed cake mixes especially Duncan Hines (my mother thought they were the best so I follow her lead) but I usually think bought frosting is especially disgusting.  I whipped up a batch of Cook's Illustrated Chocolate Frosting and then used a carrot slicer to carve shavings from a Milk Chocolate Bar for the shavings on the top.  Looks great until the one blowing out the candles blows the shavings across the table!

Mac-n-cheese for the birthday boy. 
Made this from the Barefoot Contessa Family Style cookbook by Ina Garten.  You can go here and get the exact recipe.  Very yummy!

Just uploaded Episode #5 of the History Quilter podcast so go listen!  

One last thing....I've been working so hard to finish existing projects so I can participate in this!

I'm so excited about the Supernova QA with Lee of Freshly Pieced.  The design is amazing and I can't help but love the name.  A little Muse inspiration perhaps?   Easy to jump in and say yes but hard to figure out which fabric to use!  The Flickr group has photos from people who have chosen fabrics and the ALL know what they are doing. Time for more learning.  

Got to finish this up so I can go cut fabric!  I'm home alone and ready to sew up a storm. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday WIP and a Backache

Looking at fabric, fun
Dreaming up what to do with fabric, fun
Cutting up fabric, also fun
Backache from cutting up fabric, not so fun!

But I muddle on determined to ignore the pain and continue on with my busy life.  
First on my WIP list: 
I am participating in the Sliced Coins Quilt Along hosted by Elizabeth D. of  Don't Call Me Betsy.  I decided to go outside of my creative and rather comfortable box and use solids  in order make a decorative quilt for the end of my bed.  I am using Kona Champagne, Basil, Curry, Honey and Butterscotch.  Having a Kona card has been such a big help as I was able to sit on my bed and match Kona colors to the colors around my room.  I look forward to the outcome.  

Various Kona Solids for Sliced Coins Quilt Along
Second on my WIP List:
I also started cutting into the Sunkissed by Sweetwater fabric that I received last week to make the first block in the Block-a-pallooza.  I wish the directions could be a little more clear on what fabrics we should or could use.  I ordered the entire Fat Eighth as recommended and don't know if I want to use exactly the same combinations that the block host designers illustrate in the directions.  I guess I'll just have to wait and see.  
Sunkissed fabric for Block #1
Third on my WIP list:
Last week my quilt using the That Girl Quilt Along came back from the long arm quilter.  I am still blown away with what a great job she did with the quilting.  I shared with you all before that I had such a tough time myself when I tried to quilt it so sending it out seemed the right choice, and boy was I right.  

I was right, don't you think?  I just love how Maria from Nena's Quilt Shack did her magic on my quilt.  I'm working on the binding at night and should have that done within the next few days.  

My remaining WIP:  school!

I'm back in school this week working on my Teaching Credential.  TB test, Fingerprint Scan, sign up for the CBEST test are just a few of the tasks I need to complete this week.  I was warned that the first class of the teaching credential was the paper-pushing class and they weren't kidding.  My other class is ECON 300 - Econ for non-majors and as usual I was the oldest person in the classroom of 100.  In the introduction class yesterday the teacher kept talking about some kind of disgusting frozen pizza (sorry - admitted food snob here) to illustrate the labor supply, so I substituted that example with a quilt. Made me smile and worked very well.  

Go check out Lee from Freshly Pieced to see what other creative people are working on this week!