Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I finished hand stitching the binding to the Bluebells quilt yesterday while waiting for my younger son to get out of school.  I had never taken anything other than a book with me to pass the time while I wait for him to arrive, so putting on the binding was pretty cool.  So when I actually finished it I wanted to get out of the car and show it to someone.  Since I'm not as much of a dork as I thought I was, I did not get out of the car.  :)

"Bluebells"  Hungarian Blue Fabric by Sue Zipkin

After I pieced the top I realized that I could have added another column and possibly a row to balance her out, but hey, I'm still learning.  I love it and hope that the receiver will too.  She is now on her way to OR via USPS.  Yea!

This morning I finished up the 40 blocks for the That Girl...That Quilt Quilt Along.  I'm not completely caught up as now I have to make my blocks "wonky" but I do think I am halfway there as most of mine do appear to be wonky.  
40 Charm Square Blocks 

A trip to Joann's tomorrow to get the right type of ruler and 25 yard of tulle.  Tulle?  For quilting? Nope. It's for the gardening portion of this blog  (the bougainvilleas part).  I have planted cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli at my garden plot and in order to come out at the end of the season with some wonderful vegetables, I have to cover them to keep the critters out.  See exhibit A.  

Exhibit A - keeping the critters out

If I can help myself this blog will be quiet for a few days while I focus on school.  My final portfolio of all of my history work for the past four years is due and I need to tighten things up a bit.  Kinda hard not to notice the Google Chrome button and then of course, I have to check Google Reader, Google Mail and then that leads to Facebook.  Stop the madness!  


  1. Beautiful! I love bougainvilleas BTW. I miss that part of living in Southern Louisiana...all the wonderful "tropical" plants! But at least now we're in zone 6, rather than 4, where we were in Michigan....

  2. My blocks were wonky too...but they worked. I tried to make them wonkier. =) is that a word?!?!? =)

    Have fun at Joanns!

  3. Hi Susan,
    Love your blog. You are a busy gal with your boys, school, gardening, and quilting. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Did you know you are set to no reply? I cannot reply when you leave a message. Good luck with the win.
    Marilyn or Marilyn's Maze

  4. Your quilt is beautiful! I'm a huge dork because I would have totally gotten out of the car...

    Jennifer :)

  5. That is a beautiful quilt, I love all those blues!! And your Quiltalong top is fabulous too!!! Thanks so much for linking up :) Oh and ps, I have a cute project in store for all that toile!