Monday, November 22, 2010

Too sick to craft or do anything for that matter

The last few days have just kicked my butt.  I rarely get sick but when I do, look out.  After a trip to the Student Health Center (there are benefits to being a 41 year old college student) I was diagnosed with Bronchitis and came home with the all wonderful Z-Pak.  So looking forward to feeling better tomorrow.

I knew I was sick on Friday when I went through the day without doing any crafting whatsoever.  Actually I didn't do anything Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Just sat or reclined on the couch with my Happiness Quilt and coughed and coughed and coughed.  

This morning I made myself get back into action and get moving.  After the Dr. appt I began planning for Thanksgiving with planning my menu and making my grocery store list. Got sidetracked and decided to finish piecing the That Girl...That Quilt Quilt Top - have any of you named yours yet?  I honestly thought that Jennifer had named it the Swell Quilt, until I read where her charm pack she was using was Swell fabric.  What a dork I am.  

By the way, it turned out so good!  By using the same ruler to cut fabric and the 1/4inch foot on my sewing machine, most of the seams actually meet up but it does make me wonder why they do not all meet up.  What did I do wrong?  (not the wonky part but the main seams)  
Quilt Top finished
My boys just returned from seeing HP #7 without me - I thought I would be nice and allow the people in the movie theater some peace and not have to listen to me cough through the entire movie.  So I just had my older son hold up the quilt top outside for me and we were both laughing so hard because of the wind.  Well I wasn't actually laughing, I was cough/laughing and it was most uncomfortable.

I just realized that I had not talked about food in awhile on here.  I'm making Portabello Mushroom Burgers for the husband and I for dinner tonight and the boys will get Turkey burgers as they claim they are allergic to vegetables.

Time to go take something to make myself stop coughing as my muscles are hurting!  



  1. I love your quilt top! And a mushroom burger sounds amazing! =)

    Hope you feel better super soon!

  2. Fantastic quilt! Hope you feel better... My "bliss" is still in blocks as I get a "rush" job finished. Wish I had a student health center to go to :-). What are you studying?

  3. Hope you feel better soon! The quilt is beautiful!