Saturday, May 14, 2011

The curse of the blushing face

Crafting first:

For the past four or five semesters I have made myself a new bag at the completion of the semester.  It's my way of rewarding myself for making it through another eighteen weeks of classes and so this semester I am making the Sidewalk Satchel by Anna Maria Horner.  Woohoo, the fabric just arrived in the mail!  Found what I wanted on an site from Monica of Mountain of the Dragon and the best part was she lives just minutes from me.  We almost met at a local store to exchange the fabric but my life is just too crazy/busy. She's got a lot of great fabric so go check out her site.    

Just completed Block 4 of the Supernova Quilt I am working on.  
Block 4 - notice a few different fabrics?  

Block 3

Block 2

Block 1

Now for the story:

This past Thursday evening in my Education class we had a scored discussion in the form of a Socratic Seminar.  Basically all twenty or so of us sat in a big circle and discussed good teaching practices that we observed in classrooms during our 45 hours of observations this semester.   I wasn’t nervous about this discussion and felt confident that I would do well….until class began and the instructor kept talking and talking about how the discussion was going to work.   

I’m the person who needs to go first when public speaking.   I learned years ago to always volunteer first so that I don’t worry about what I am going to say while listening to what others say. Did I do what I knew I should have?   No.

As the discussion began my fellow students chimed in with (mostly) relevant ideas and I was right there with them…listening to them and trying to figure out how I could get my point in.  Problem is that I took too long to figure out how I could get my point into the conversation.  Now 15 minutes had gone by and I’m spooked.  So much has been said, I’m not sure of what point to bring up because I have multiple and the clock is ticking away.  A fellow supportive student can sense my unease and urges me to jump in so I finally make my move and what happens? 

The instructor stops the discussion.  Not good.  With all eyes on me the instructor says something like “Oh, Susan you are bright red”.  Just great…so now I have no idea what I want to say, I can feel the heat in my face so I know my face is bright red and she has alerted the entire class to this fact and they are all looking at me.  

I have lived with the curse of a blushing face for four decades and still I cannot douse it. Anybody else out there have the same curse?  

Hope you are having a great Saturday, wherever you may be!


  1. oh my - love your supernova! Great start!!

  2. I totally get this! I find it impossible not to wear my heart on my sleeve & I too have the curse & would pay good money for it to be banished forever!

  3. Hi Susan....your blocks are lovely....I didn't see an email for you; and I wanted to get back to you. Thank you for your nice comment on the Sunflower asked what I did with it; I sold it....that is what I do; if you want to see more of them; there is a big red button on my blog that says 'Shepody's Quilter'...go there..or just google the name...that is my work website...thanks again

  4. Oh yes, I have had 70 decades of red face syndrome!! You would think at my age it would stop. Oh even showcases the wrinkles. I checked out your blog because I have been listening to your very entertaining and informative podcasts. Keep up the great research.

  5. I don't know the answer to your predicament, but I do know I love that super nova! Just discovered it recently and I'm adding it to the list of quilts I'd like to make.

  6. Oh my gosh your supernovas look great! Sorry I haven't been commenting. I was sure I had added your blog to my reader, but it didn't take, which is sad because I enjoyed your first couple pod casts. I am now following you again.