Monday, May 30, 2011

History Quilter Podcast - The Giveaway Episode

Good Morning everyone,

A favorite listener suggested that I record a podcast with a live announcement of the winner of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day contest that I participated in this year.  I never expected the amount of traffic or comments that I would receive from this giveaway : 2,300 visits to my website resulted in 498 comments.  I barely had time to enter any of the giveaways of my own - I think I only went to the bloggers that I "knew" (people I follow who also follow me) that were on the list to enter.  Although I did not win anything tangible, I did win over 400 funny, interesting and informative comments from people all around the world.

So here is the winner based on...nothing really.  Her comment taught me something new as I love to learn and I kept thinking about her comment all week.  Thank you to Lesly from Ontario, Canada for entering my giveaway and congratulations to you!

Mt random comment - I just found a YouTube channel that has so many BBC period dramas on it that I will never run out of things to watch while I sew binding on. I'm so excited - as my local video store seems to have lost one DVD from every series ever made.
By Lesly on Giveaway Day! on 5/25/11

Have a great Monday everyone!

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