Saturday, June 25, 2011

Deici, diez,deset, दस, ten: History Quilter Podcast Episode 10

Bounty from the garden this morning
The sun is out!  

It has been so dreary here all week with the sun making a short peek out of the clouds for maybe an hour in the afternoon.  This past Thursday afternoon while my class was on break for thirty minutes I even went out and sat in the sun (with my hat on) to soak up the Vitamin D and improve my mood.  It helped.

Went to my garden plot this morning and harvested Hungarian Wax Peppers and Jalapeño Peppers.  The Hungarian Wax will go in Paella and the Jalapeños will be used in a Tomatillo Sauce/Salsa I make.  More on the Tomatillo Sauce/Salsa on a future post.  The tomatoes and large onions are from my own home garden - I guess they don't mind the June gloom.  The garlic I grew in my garden plot and have been drying out (thanks to Shelley from The Rebel Homemaker) and now appears to be ready.  Might make a Garlic Aioli tonight with dinner to see how the garlic tastes.

So I've made it to my tenth podcast which has led me to realize that I will be doing this for a long time as it appears to be no end to quilting history I can dig up.  Thanks to access to a college database and an endless supply of curiosity (sometimes a downfall) along with topics that people have suggested to me and the ones that just spring up in my head, the History Quilter Podcast will go on.

Thank you to Rhonda from Quilter in the Gap for her blessing to speak about quilting history in the fascinating area that she lives in.  If you have not listened to her podcast (also called Quilter in the Gap), please do as she is very funny and has a great take on quilting.

Here are links from Episode 10:

Go here for the blogpost I did on the Inside-Out Chocolate Cake.

I talked about Lizzy House and the 1000 Peeps Summer Camp Troupe 2011.  The Pool Toys I spoke about are featured in Week 2 here:

Explore the Appalachian Quilt Trail at:

Appalachian Arts and Crafts Center in Clinton, TN:

Check out Pillars of the Earth and the follow up World Without End by Ken Follett for a great story about the building of a Cathedral in Kingsbridge, England in the 12th Century.



  1. I started using my garlic last night for pizza sauce! Yum. What kind of onions did you plant? Only a couple of mine have bulbed up this year. So disappointing!

  2. I really enjoyed the podcast. I actually learned a bit about my area. I actually plan on listening again so that it will actually stick. I am one of "those" people that require a listen or two before the information stays with me.

  3. Oh I forgot...I was not aware of the Appalachian Arts and Crafts Center in Clinton, TN (but plan on going) it is about an hour from me. However, I did meet one of the people that makes the paintings on the barns for the Appalachian Quilt Trail. That was just the other day. She was very nice.