Saturday, February 4, 2012

HQ Podcast Episode 21 Signature Quilts

This past Wednesday I recorded and uploaded History Quilter Podcast Episode 21 where I spoke about Signature Quilts.  The episode is now available on Podbean and iTunes. You can also listen directly from this website by clicking on the Podbean link to the right.

What is a Signature Quilt?  Signature quilts are quilts that have names inscribed on them either with pen or embroidery and are created with fundraising, fellowship and memory as their goal.  The International Quilt Study Center and Museum located at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has a new exhibit called What's In A Name? Inscribed Quilts which I talked about almost exclusively in regards to Signature or Inscribed Quilts.  The link for the exhibit is here.

Have you ever participated in a Signature Quilt project? Do you have a Signature Quilt from the past?  Please comment below or send me an email if you have any experience with Signature Quilts.

In the three days between uploading the podcast and publishing this blogpost, I have already received one comment from listener Jane who sent me a link to a fascinating Quilting Board forum thread about the Signature Quilt top featured below.  The thread is called Paris Texas 1931 Friendship Quilt Top.  Go check out the link here to read how quilters/genealogists are attempting to help BrendaY, to identify whom the signatures belong to on the quilt top.

Paris Texas 1931 Friendship Quilt Top
Recipes:  Three-Cheese Lasagna With Italian Sausage
The 241 Tote by Anna Graham of Noodlehead that I made about a week ago:
241 Tote by Anna Graham of Noodlehead
Come back tomorrow for a little "before & after".

Have a wonderful Saturday wherever you are~


  1. QBS has a signature quilt that is signed by all the teachers who have ever taught at the guild. It is part of workshops. Someone needs to finish that quilt. Think I will look into that possibility. It must be almost impossible to find a spot to sign any longer.

  2. I made a siggy block once for this - I think it was for the charity quilt, cuz I just made one block . . . before I started blogging, and I don't remember ever seeing the finished quilt. ;-(
    BUT I own a siggy quilt! I will try & take a pic and post about it soon!! oh and the 241 looks great!

  3. I have collected the signatures of my siblings, their spouses and children and and my parents, but I haven't turned them into a quilt yet. I was afraid to wait until I had a pattern in mind because my father has dementia, and I wanted to get his signature before he forgot how to write. (He has already forgotten how to read.) The names of my preschool niece and nephew are particularly cute: big block uneven letters, 3 inches high. Someone mentioned doing a jubilee quilt for their 50th year, and since I turned 50 this year, I may make this autograph quilt for me as my jubilee quilt.

  4. LOVE the tote! In fact I was planning on making one this week-end... same pattern. Too strange! I've done one signature quilt for a friend's baby shower. I may have to listen to your podcast (can you get it w/o an ipod?), as I have been thinking about making a signature quilt for one of our boys' boy scout leaders, getting all the boys to sign it. Maybe I can even work a merit badge into it too :-).

  5. Your 241 Tote is sooo cute, and is a perfect size as well. Love the colors! I really enjoy listening to your informative and entertaining podcast.