Thursday, July 26, 2012

T-Shirt Chronicles Part IV: The Back

If you have followed this blog for the past year, every so often I report how a T-Shirt Quilt that I am working on for a cousin, is coming along.  

Tuesday I made the label block and yesterday I pieced it into the back.  I'm using flannel on the back - please, please, please strangle me if I ever purchase flannel again for something this large.  Flannel = fuzz everywhere.  Plus, it's heavy.  

Last night I purchased the batting so I have no excuse for not moving forward. Basting today and maybe quilting by the weekend.  My cousin sent the t-shirts to me last July...think I can get this baby done by next Tuesday?  We'll see...

Enjoy your Thursday,


  1. I was wondering how the t-shirt saga was progressing. It looks great and with the flannel backing it should be really cozy! You'll definitely get a bit of a workout lugging that around. I have total faith you can finish it by the end of the month! I'm sure your cousin's son will love it!

  2. You're on the home stretch now!

  3. It is also a big quilt and fabric is heavy. I refuse to strangle you, but put a big sign next your sewing machine that says "NO FLANNEL!" You might try different brands of flannel. some are less fuzzy than others.

  4. Yay! Won't be long now. Are you going to Festival this weekend?

  5. Progress IS progress, but it sure would be great to have this done! Good luck!

  6. I've never made a T-shirt quilt, but have been tempted a few times. Unfortunately, our T-shirts all get worn to rags around here, so they wouldn't make good quilts. Flannel is fuzzy, but SO cozy and warm! Polar Fleece is worse though! I feel the same way about it!

  7. Great job! We had a great time at LBIQF with you an Zina!