Friday, July 13, 2012

History Quilter Podcast Episode 29 Loads of Chatter

Yesterday afternoon I pulled my microphone out of its box, fired up Audacity and started recording.  Although I chatter on for a good forty minutes you will not year any quilt history in this episode but I do have a quilt history topic already planned for Episode 30.  Episode 29 Loads of Chatter is now available on iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher Radio.

In Episode 30 I'll be talking about the history of Double Wedding Ring Quilts and as I ask in this podcast, if you have any history of your own with this type of quilt please share that here and I'll include it in my next podcast.  Have you made one?  Have you received one? If so, please e-mail me a photograph or a link to a blogpost and I'll add it to my blogpost for that episode.

Books I'm reading:
Sacrilege  by S.J. Parris. A historical thriller set in 16th century England.  Only half way through but a great read so far.

Please visit Tanesha at the Crafty Garden Mom Podcast for loads of excellent book suggestions and reviews.

What I'm working on:
Little Glam Bag for my next trip - Anna Maria Horner Good Folks in Fortune

Sea Glass Quilt Top
 Yesterday's Harvest:
Jalapenos, Zucchini, Early Girl & Roma & Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Thanks for listening!


  1. Do I see salsa in your future?

  2. love the harvest!! And I did make a wedding ring quilt one - before I started blogging...I'll try to find a pic!

  3. I have a double wedding ring quilt that was my great grandmother's. I have a ton of pictures of it, because I wanted to document it's state a while back. I will track them down.

    I love how the top turned out. The green looks amazing! It pulls it all together so nicely.

    I still have about a 1/4 of the podcast to listen to. You were my running buddy this morning, but my run was too short! :)

    Looks like the L.B. quilt show won't be our meet-up either. We can't make it work with kids and such. :P

  4. Oh my goodness. Look at all the veggies. Mine are a little shocked right now because of course we had to go out of town the week that it was over 100. Our neighbor watered, but not as much as I would have.

  5. I made a double wedding ring quilt for my daughter as a wedding gift. She picked out the colors. I couldn't find templates that I was happy with so I searched for a pattern that I could use as a paper piecing project. This was before EQ products, at least that I knew of them. I used my machine to piece it and quilted it by hand. It was also before I knew machine quilting was something you could do. I had recently picked up quilting again so I was unaware of the many tools and resources that were out there. I guess I was living under a rock. I will send you a picture.

  6. Sorry, no history of double-wedding ring quilts. Does it count that my husband and I were married twice? We got married under a tree in my parents' front yard and then got married in church 2.5 years later when my husband's annullment came through.

    Yes, I always like hearing about your boys and their activities. I finally finished my son's "Party on the Block" black and white quilt top after forcing him to pick the borders and the quilting patterns. He told one of our lovely quilting shop ladies that he felt like he was hurting the fabric's feelings if he did not pick them.

    Since you have sons, you may enjoy "The Mama's Boy Myth" by Kate Stone Lombardi.

    All the best.