Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Almost Here

If you are looking for my post about my History Quilter Podcast Episode 35 Indigo Quilts & A Podcast Anniversary Giveaway, please go here.  

Student teaching begins for me next Tuesday   It's real now - I've met my mentor teachers, seen the students I will be teaching, got my staff ID/parking pass/schedule, and have a teaching plan for my first week all set.

Now for freaking out Susan....
In four days everything changes.
Not an 10.0 on the Richter Scale (Southern California Earthquake talk) but maybe a 7.0 - enough to shake things up quite a bit but not cause serious permanent damage, but it will cause changes.  Big changes.

Believe me when I say that I do not think that for one minute what I am going through right now is that big of a deal in the big scheme of things, but it is real to me and because this is my own personal journal and wish to help others, I've decided to share with you what I'm feeling.

I'll be going to work every week day and I will have a schedule like a vast majority of the people around me.
I have to make my own lunch in the morning! I'll be interacting with other adults on a daily basis in a work environment and not just in a store!
Exciting, scary, nervous, anxious and sad.  Those are the feelings I harbor right now.
I want this so bad and need it with every cell in my body.
I want to teach.

Exciting to be finally embarking on this new chapter of my life. This is going to change me. My world is going to open up to something new, something that I think will change the course of my life.
Scary because I'm finally embarking on this new chapter of my life. Will I be good enough?
Nervous about classroom management - Thinking fast on my feet when anyone comes at me with a snarky comment is not a attribute I have.  Will have to learn smart, respectful and correct responses fast.
Anxious to begin - wish it was today to finally get the first day over with.
Sad to be ending a chapter of my life which I've loved.  The memories are unforgettable and precious.
I know I'll do good.  I know I'll be fine.
Just freaking out a bit.

Now back to quilting/food/history Susan...
I'm looking forward to Saturday as I'll be attending the Road to California Quilt Show with my friend Zina.  I should have photos and a recap here on Sunday.  Quilty goodness will be good for my soul.  Yay!

Enjoy your Friday,


  1. excited for you! What school will you be at?

  2. You will be an amazing teacher!! Good luck on your first day!

  3. Good luck. You will be great.

  4. You'll be great!! I can somewhat relate, as I have boys about the same age, and have been anticipating going back to work, etc... At first I thought there was a real earthquake that I hadn't heard about. So relived that you're OK LOL You S.Californians and your earthquake analogies... sheesh! Can't wait to see pics of the quilt show. I have a local friend / blogger (Marlene of Kissed Quilts) who has a quilt in that show!! Enjoy!

  5. You will be in my prayers for peace and joy in your heart during this exciting yet scary time.

    Snarky comments from kids - I had a teacher who beat it nearly every time by saying to the kid
    "Try Again. I deserve respect as much as you. I am open to hearing what you have to say. Try saying it again in a respectful way. Try again"
    If they kept up the crap they got "Try Again" two more times, then usually got to go visit with the principal or got to stay after class for a service project. We use "Try Again" with our kids when they are snotty to us and each other too. It usually works.

    I am so excited for you reaching your goal! I know you will be great!
    Have fun at RTC! I was going to try to go this time, but husband will be out of town at a funeral. I look forward to seeing fun pics from your adventure. :)

  6. Now you can at "history teacher" to your list of "About Me" and remove "aspiring," yeah! Goog luck and have a great time at the quilt show. Wish I were there.

  7. You can do this! You will be amazing.

  8. I am so happy for you. This change does not mean that you are leaving your old life behind, it just means that you will be changing things to fit this new career into your old life. It is so exciting to be starting something new, challenging, hard, and fun!

  9. I'm very excited for you you Susan. You will be amazing! I spent all day Friday at the show. Lots of great quilts. You and Zina have fun!

  10. Hi Susan, I don't comment a lot on blogs but I just want to add my good wishes for you. I was a nontraditional student too. I think your passion will come through and everything else, you can handle a long the way. Walk in smiling and let 'er rip!

  11. Enjoy! After 30+ years in the classroom, I still wouldn't trade it all!!

  12. Susan,
    Congrats on 2 years of podcasting. Keep up the good work and best of luck in your classroom. Now, for the giveaway..... did you ever figure out what the name of that star was that you paper pieced? The one your son commented on. You cannot barbecue! Sure hope someone in your family can do that. There are so many yummy dishes. Your buttermilk fried chicken and kale salad sound delicious! Blue is a good color. Good for you on winning Sandy's giveaway of various strips for your donation quilt. Finally, Happy belated Birthday.

  13. What a myriad of emotions for sure! Hope you let us know how your first day went! Wishing you the best during this transition time!

  14. still searching for the kale potato and carrot recipe... I love greens too. In fact we just finished our own garden kale- in Vermont! about 2 weeks ago. do you do a raw marinated kale salad? my teen boys love this.