Sunday, January 27, 2013

Road to California Quilt Show 2013

I had such a great Saturday that I'm going to share it all with you in photos.  By the way, does anybody else agree that the iPhone takes mediocre inside pictures?  I must find a tutorial to give me pointers...

My day began with breakfast with Debbie of A Quilter's Table.  What a major treat this was to meet her and hubby for breakfast and to share meal at the table. She was in town visiting family and when the opportunity to meet occurred we both jumped at the chance. Wonderful, just wonderful.  

After breakfast, Zina and I made our way to the Road to California 2013 Quilt Show to view the quilts, shop the vendor isles and do our usual talk, talk, talk.  Here are a few that stood out for me....

"Tropical Fantasia" by Michael Michalski from Brooklyn, NY.  

"Barnyard Boss" by Cindy D Burlingham from Calgary, AB Canada. Just love the little chicks!

"Chromatic Transitions" by Rachel Wetzler from St. Charles, IL.  This is just the center -  absolutely gorgeous applique.  
I hunted this one down especially for Becky from Solar Threads...well worth the search. This quilt was made by a friend/neighbor of Becky's.
"Spinner" by Marlene A Oddie from College Place, WA.  Absolutely striking  - the photo doesn't do it justice.  

"Grand Guard" by Linda C Anderson from La Mesa, CA.  Zina and I couldn't believe this was a quilt. 

"All Roads Lead to California" by Sharon Chaffino from Upland, CA.  This would be a perfect quilt for a 4th grade classroom which studies California History.  

"Sirena" by DeLoa Jones who is part of the faculty at RTC.  

Zina and I in front of a giant Route 66 Quilt exhibit.   
What could be more fun that meeting a fellow quilter who listens to my podcast and tweets with me on Twitter?  Zina and I had a fun meet up with Diane, otherwise known as @ddrquilter.  Super fun.  
Fun stuff I bought:  Hexagon Compass Quilt pattern, quilt themed note cards and inspiration for a boy baby quilt.  

Zina made me get on the Harley....
Lastly, I had to get a photo of the boys before my older son went to his first Winter Formal. Don't tell them I posted this....hehe. 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, 


  1. It was a great show for sure. Your boys look great!

  2. Ahem, Zina didn't have to push THAT hard. It's a really great pic.

  3. Ahem, Zina didn't have to push THAT hard. It's a really great pic.

  4. What a great day! Boys sure are cute!

  5. Fun Fun FUN!!! Those are some gorgeous quilts! I really need to zip up there one of these days.
    Your boys look so handsome!

  6. Looks like you had a great time at the show! Hopefully we will be able to meet up next year.

  7. Thank you for finding 'Spinner' and sharing it on your blog! If anyone is interested in how to design this themselves, I've written a free tutorial that utilizes EQ7. Here is the free tutorial.

  8. Well the quilt looks like it was awesome but my favorite part of your lovely day was the meeting up with ME! What fun! Hope son had a great evening too!

  9. So fun! Thanks for sharing!! I love seeing pictures of fellow quilters when we aren't used to seeing each other and really only have "virtual" contact with each other!

  10. Thanks for the trip through Road to California. I think your photos are fine. Very nice framing and you look GREAT!

  11. Yea!! Looks like you had a blast!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I told Debbie that I was so jealous she got to meet you! My iPhone takes better pictures than my crappy camera, so I probably can't help much. Do you use any of the camera apps, or just the regular one on your phone? And honestly, I think your pictures look fine. Looks like you had a really fun weekend!

  13. What amazing quilts and handsome boys! Thanks for sharing.

  14. I am so glad you got to Road. I missed it and loved seeing your pictures. I linked your blog from mine as you got such great pictures Susan.

  15. Am thinking about you as you student teach: it sounds wonderful and terrifying all at the same time.

    I enjoyed our Tweets on Soet Bowl Sunday!

    All the best.

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