Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Little Story about Gifts in the Mail

Last week I received a large envelope in the mail and upon first glance assumed it was my boss sending my my monthly bookkeeping data.  Later I returned and discovered it was a padded envelope from Debbie of A Quilter's Table  which is infinitely more fun than receiving work. Two thoughts simultaneously jumped into my head:

How in the world did this package get to me so quickly?
This package is way too big for one little fat quarter of fabric!

My interest was piqued and I carefully opened the envelope and pulled out a wonder of goodies...a little quilt and the all of the instructions/history for the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle Journey #1.  Debbie had participated in the Fat Quarter Shop six month kit club and had received the fabric and instructions/history for each quilt and finished them all up last month.  Please check out her post here where she talks about the finish.

Debbie so graciously sent me "At Mama's Knee", a simply delightful 17" x 17"  table topper which I proceeded to clear off my kitchen table for:
At Mama's Knee  17" x 17"
Not only do I love the little quilt (it's perfect!) I am enjoying reading about the historical aspects of prairie women in the 1840's - 1900's here in America.  Pam Burda of Homespun Quilts is the brains behind the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle and I am most impressed with her historical writing as each month she tells a story which helps to illuminate the quilt kit for that month.  The historical nerd in me loves that she references her sources which is so helpful when one wants to know more.

Thank you to Debbie for your very thoughtful gift of the quilt and all of the instructions/history for the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle Journey #1.  I can't wait to use this when I teach U.S. History someday to future high school students.

Enjoy your Tuesday,


  1. I'm sooo glad you enjoyed the surprise package! I was hoping you would!