Monday, August 15, 2011

A (tiny) Quilt Finish and a Soccer Surprise

I finished a quilting project!  I used the first four Summer Sampler Series blocks to make myself a 24" square table topper and I just love it.  As I have not attempted free motion quilting yet, I quilted it by following the straight and diagonal lines that appear in each block.  Hand sewing the binding on reminded me how much I love doing to get more of my quilt tops finished up so I can work on the bindings.
Summer Sampler Series Table topper
The majority of the weekend was spent on the soccer field watching my older son play in a tournament and this tournament was notable for two reasons:

They won, which is not unusual but comes after a tough last minute loss in a tournament final two weeks ago but more importantly goalkeeper son played on the field!  For most of his soccer playing life I have been used to seeing at at the end of the field wearing this:
Older son playing goalkeeper - the usual
But due to an usual set of circumstances where the team only had 13 players for their first game on Saturday, my son was on the bench suited up as a field player.  (His team has two goalkeepers and they switch off games.)   I am a cool customer when he is in the goal - I don't worry about him getting hurt or making mistakes which cause goals as I played goalkeeper myself in my younger days.  In the second half I looked over at the bench and saw my son jump up and stand next to the coach - and suddenly a sub was called and he went in as a forward.  

OK, now I was freaking out.  I was now pacing the sidelines and many of my fellow parents were cracking up at me.
Older son playing forward...and doing it well! 
He played great and actually almost scored a goal which caused our entire sideline (our boys are fortunate to have a huge cheering section for every game)  to roar with excitement.  He loved his five minutes of fame on the field and the best part is was that he was smiling the entire time:

I'm linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday with Megan so go check out the other lovely modern quilting projects are listed.   

T-shirt quilt update coming up tomorrow...I cut into the shirts yesterday! 



  1. Your table topper looks great! I haven't tried FMQ yet either, but I tell myself that's only because I like straight lines better. I used to play soccer and can't wait until my boys are old enough to play!

  2. What a great looking table topper. Wahoo!.

  3. Wow, the straight lines do well with the SSS blocks too! Nice!

  4. Oh what fun! I'm referring to the soccer! My answer to the question, "what's your favorite sport?" was always, "Whatever one my kid is playing in!" I miss those days! (tho fyi, my son still plays & coaches ultimate frisbee; unfortunately, just too far away for me to watch!) Soccer was HIS sport all thru school though, & we loved to root for his team!
    Anyway - back to quilting - LOVE your table topper - just darling! And with you RE: the binding love!

  5. love the table topper! i like the blue/white theme, very pretty!